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July 08 2009

"Epitaph One" will be available on iTunes and Amazon VOD. According to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune, the so-called "lost" episode of Dollhouse will hit iTunes on August 11. But it's reconfirmed that it apparently will not show on Hulu. ETA: That it also will appear on Amazon Video on Demand, as indicated by their tweet Thursday morning.

That is very confusing to me. Why would they put it on iTunes, but not bother with Hulu?
That is very confusing to me. Why would they put it on iTunes, but not bother with Hulu?

Definitely. 20th Century Fox TV is certainly not going to let it stream on Hulu for a penny's worth of advertising when it can get dollars on iTunes.
I want to pay $$$$$ for Epitaph One but not on iTunes. Does anyone know if it will be on Amazon?

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It will very likely be on Amazon as well.
Is that you presuming, or knowing something?
Will this be one of those things where it's only available on iTunes in the US? Or do you think Australian iTunes users will be able to purchase it as well?

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Where will the Australian FOX8 schedule be come August 11?
Where will the Australian FOX8 schedule be come August 11?

I think they will air "Omega" exactly on August 11.
Post title changed and post edited to reflect new info from Amazon that it also will hit their VoD service the same day.
Yep and you should get it from Amazon VOD because it is awesome. I have a Roku box (aka Netflix box) and I am ADDICTED!
FOX did not pay for the ep, so it will not air on broadcast. It should air with the overseas packages, though. Hulu is an extension of broadcast (repeat window, advertising), so it makes sense that 20th would not "give" it to Hulu. This ep was a masterstroke -- adding value to the DVD/Blu Ray set, and giving 20th something to show FOX, a taste of what's possible.
Okay so, it's not on the DVD and it's not going to be on Hulu?
It will be on the DVD but not Hulu.
"Epitaph One" will be available on DVD/BD (Comic-Con edition on 7/22, regular edition on 7/28); the Comic-Con screening on 7/24; and via iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand on 8/11.
So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how insane is it to buy an entire season of a series you really don't like just because you just have to see the unaired episode?
If I didn't like the season, I wouldn't buy one episode. You have heard the definition of insanity. Right?
Performing the same task over and over and expecting different results?
Yep. That's the one. :)
Oh. Well then. If I'm fated to perform the same task, then it'll go something like this:

I watch half a season of a Whedon show just because it's a Whedon show. I don't really like it but I watch anyway. I can't quit watching because there's an episode coming up that I'm dying to see. During this all-important episode, there's a scene that just blows me away and that's it--I'm hooked and will watch until the very bitter end and that's when Joss'll rip my heart out.

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