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July 09 2009

Vote for Your Favorite Joss Whedon TV Characters! Check out Zap2it's 'Greatest TV Characters' of the last decade poll and vote for your favorite Whedon-created character that fit any of the categories.

The Best Whedon Character is Wesley!! He should have been in the "Best co-worker" category.
Woot! Gave lots of love to The Office. Pam/Jim are my fave TV couple ever, and Michael Scott got "Best Boss" and Jim got "best co-worker." I naturally voted for Pam as well, though I have no idea what I voted her for :D

Also gave Joyce "Best Mum" and was sad not to see Angel on the list for best dad :( Sorry but didn't vote for Connor as "Best Son." That had to go to Seth Cohen, he was hilarious and quite frankly, Connor kinda irritated me the majority of the time.
Im torn between Nancy Botwin and Joyce for best mum.
I love Nancy, but she's not a good mother. Therefore my vote went to the one and only Joyce Summers.

Didn't vote for Connor either. He's (together with a lawyer called Lindsey) the only character in the Buffyverse I absolutely hated.

Best couple for me is definitely Marshall/Lily.
I never liked Joyce much as a mom. Voted for Marge Simpson. :)

Really, not who I would pick from Whedon shows. Conner as best son?
Had to plug in a few votes for Connor, Joyce, Temperance, Hodgins, Noah Bennet, Peter Petrelli, Berta, etc...

Heh, Connor was actually the choice I was the most happy about!

The couple list was absolutely depressing. I actively hate about 80% of the shows put on there. Mainstreamist polls!

And I voted for Simon only because I find his curmudgeony persona about the only redeeming factor in the entirety of reality television. Mostly, I just desperately want the whole genre to go away.
Had to choose between Ned/Chuck and Jim/Pam. It was traumatic.
Joyce or meerkat? This is so hard!
I have to agree with the people who commented on the 'sibling' category that they definitely dropped the ball forgetting to include River and Simon or Buffy and Dawn in the category.
Totally surprised at how they totally picked the wrong categories in regards to Buffy and Angel.
I have to say... I wasn't very impressed with their choices. And why wasn't Castle on the "Best Dad" list?

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They forgot one for Best Couple, so let me add my virtual, uncounted vote:

(*) Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay

There. All better.
Joyce, best mum. Keith Mars, best dad. I wish they were my parents. Then I'd be might have been a doubly-sassy Slayer sleuth. If I was girl. Named Buffy Mars.
quantumac; That's one reason I don't do these polls, my own favorites are never on them.

The other is that this specific list, like so many, is mostly shows that are after my time :-(.
I couldn't vote for Connor, but was happy to throw occasional Wolfram & Hart lawyer T.J. Thyne a Best Co-Worker nod.
Taaroko wrote:
Had to choose between Ned/Chuck and Jim/Pam. It was traumatic.

Choosing between Ned/Chuck and Josh/Donna wasn't easy either, but I ended up voting Ned/Chuck. You?

I voted Lorelai for best mom, Keith for best dad, George Michael Bluth for best kid, Gob Bluth for best brother and Claire Fisher for best sister. That last one was the hardest for me with Debra, Lindsey and Lili and Vivian also in the competition.

In the work related polls I ended up voting for the Office three times (Michael Scott for best boss, Jim for best co-worker and Pam for best underling) though I'm not the biggest fan the Office anymore and would have preferred to vote something like Bartlett, Casey McCall (Sports Night) and Fredrico (SFU) resp..

quantumac wrote:
They forgot one for Best Couple, so let me add my virtual, uncounted vote:

(*) Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay

Write me down for Keith/David in the virtual Best couple vote.
The only "Best Couple" ones I even remotely cared about was Ned/Chuck, because, let's face it. Frikkin' adorable. I have like 20 other couples I'd much rather vote for, though.

Connor is like the WORST son. It's not really his fault. But still. Voted for George Michael.
Yeah, I went with Ned/Chuck too.
I went with Ned/Chuck over Marshall/Lily. My favorite couple wasn't on there. (John Crichton and Aeryn Sun from Farscape).
Aww, so glad to see Joyce made the list. She really is the best TV mom! :)
My picks are...

BEST MOM: Nancy Botwin (I know, I know... but Nancy is just a better character)


BEST BROTHER: Jason Stackhouse

BEST BOSS: Michael Scott


BEST DAD: Keith Mars (No competition whatsoever)

BEST COUPLE: (Where is the Buffy or Veronica Mars love?) Pam/Jim

BEST SISTER: Ellie Bartowski


Sorry joyce, but I had to vote for Flower. No hard feelings?

The couples one was hard for me, because I wanted to vote for about 4 or 5 of the choices, but I had to go with Jim/Pam for that one.
No votes from me for Whedonverse on this poll, Gilmore Girls got most of my picks. But, seems the upcoming weeks' categories might be more Buffy-friendly.
Made me realize how little non-genre TV I actually watch, I've never watched the majority of shows represented. Or rather, never given any of them more than a passing try-out. The absence of Simon and River for best brother/sister isn't too surprising, Firefly wasn't on long enough to garner that much attention from any but the most devoted. But no Fisher brothers from Six Feet Under???

No BtS relationship for Best Couple, made it easy to vote for Baltar and Six. Although Josh and Donna are a close second (at least one of my favorite ever shows, gave me the pairing I wanted, in the end. ;)

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