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July 09 2009

Sci-fi Hotties of '09: The Women - Summer Glau & Eliza Dushku. Summer and Eliza get placed in EW's Sci-Fi hotties of 2009. Who would argue that? Tahmoh makes the male hottie list.

Number 11 on the female list is way hotter though. Much as I love Summer, she just can't compete.
I always wonder why Rosario Dawson isn't at the top of every one of these lists. Granted, no sci-fi in the last 12 months but she writes a sci-fi comic and always seems to be staring in a sci-fi flick.
EVE!!!! I love that foxy robot!
Blasphemy, everyone. Summer is a living goddess.
There's quite a few goodlooking women in that list but Summer has something special.
Sort of a weak list. Summer pwns the list, easy. Eliza is a third, after Number 6. Not so sure about the majority of the list though. Sun is cute, but a Sci-Fi hottie she is not.
Wow, I've... never quite seen a picture of Summer like that....
Sorry, but have to agree with jamesthegill. Eve is so hottt!

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