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July 09 2009

California Browncoats Exclusive - Official Serenity Tshirt. The CA Browncoats do it again with an an all new officially licensed Serenity T-Shirt. This shirt features the Chinese characters for Serenity on the front and a small image of the ship Serenity on the back. It will only be available at Comic-Con 2009 from the California Browncoats.

It is very shiny and 100% of the proceeds go to the Waterkeeper Alliance, the CABC charity of choice this year.


Sleek, understated, and yet truly identifiable as a Browncoat shirt. I love it.

But alas, I am not going to ComicCon. Would someone going mind getting one for me if I send you the cashy money? Pretty please?
Those are handsome.
Wow, that's gorgeous. First Firefly/Serenity clothing item I've ever needed to own . . . and of course, like everything cool, it's only available at Comic Con, while I'm stuck in the hot cultureless roach-infested South. *Sigh.*

Still, kudos to the designers, and all that.
Very fetching! So jealous, i wanna be in California and have that shirt haha
Aww. I want it, but I'm not going to ComicCon. Waaahh!
Why can't they open it to non CCers??? Are we not punished enough???
Hey folks!

We are so very happy you like the shirt. The design is thanks to a very cool collaboration between the CABC Comic-Con planning committee and Ripple Junction. RJ did all the work, we just gave them some ideas.

As for being available elsewhere. This shirt is first available at Comic-Con, and only at the CABC booth. Depending on sales, it may be available elsewhere and online after Comic-Con. We can't promise anything. Although considering the positive reaction, it's motivation to find a way.

After Comic-Con though please. You don't want to give us heart attacks do you?
You just need to make friends with someone that's going to Comic Con. I could always use new friends ;)
Well, that's just a great shirt. It's exactly the kind of browncoat shirt I'd buy and actually wear to things, because it's slightly understated. If it does end up for general sale after Comic-Con, chances are I'll end up buying one.

Whoo-hoo! Working with Ripple Junction and getting it done! Amazing!
Please make this shirt available after CC!
I will buy several! Pretty please?
I'll also commit to buying several if they're available after Comic-Con. :D
This is a great shirt, if it is available after Comic Con I'll definitely be buying a couple.
I wasnt really planning on getting this until I read that all proceeds are going to Waterkeeper. Comic-Con, a cool Serenity shirt AND supporting water conservation, I am so there.
Dan will these be available on Wednesday's preview night? I so want one!!
Yes, these will be available starting on Wednesday until they are sold out.
Thanks! I'll come by and buy one!
If this is available after CC I am definitely down for 1 or 2. May have to buy the girl one for a friend as well, they both look great!
I just wish I could get that logo on the back as a jpg. I've been trying to find a Firefly stencil for a jack-o-lantern, and that would be perfect!

Also, I would definitely buy this post-CC, should it become available. Two, if that's what it takes.

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