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July 10 2009

(SPOILER) Joss Whedon talks about 'Epitaph One'. He tells that the 13th Dollhouse episode "is a little bit insane".

I like those spoilery bits a lot.
It should be noted that EW is claiming a "first look" that isn't one.
The "exclusive" also struck me as weird.

But the interview is awesome.
Well, in this case literally untrue, since almost the exact same shot as that first photo appeared on gossi's Dollverse ages ago. Really quite tired of exclusives that aren't, and entertainment "reporters" who don't think homework is part of the job.

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I love the article thanks to Joss' interview, despite the writers laziness.

This : "As always, it's logical to conclude that people are terrible and will try to destroy each other," is just a great quote, one of the reasons I love Joss so much.
Once again I need to ask: how spoilery is the interview with Joss? I know he generally doesn't reveal anything that would ruin the viewing experience, so I'm tempted to read this. I already know a bit about the setting of Epitaph One. I just don't want to know any of the plot details.
There are 4 paragraphs. If you want to avoid spoilers, read only the last 2. The first 2 read like details coming directly from EW's viewing of the episode, and they start quoting Joss in the 3rd paragraph.

There are pictures though. And a video. So I guess it depends on your spoiler threshold and what you've already seen elsewhere.

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Nailed it!
"It has a very different structure and feel from what we do on Dollhouse, so it would have been ridiculously startling to have aired it the week after the season finale as just this insane coda."

But, if you replace "Dollhouse" with "Buffy," isn't this exactly how one might describe "Restless?" Which was pretty awesome, and one of my four favorite episodes.

Basically I'm saying I can't wait for "Epitaph One."
Nailed it!

Not like it was difficult to tell that from the sneak peek clip, though.
Shhhh. This is my moment.
Well, I've tried to view the video in two different browsers, and neither will work. Anybody else having difficulty?

Anyway, these tidbits are making me so excited about getting the DVD later this month.
It's the same video we've been watching for the past several days.
"As always, it's logical to conclude that people are terrible and will try to destroy each other"
Joss is always so positive; I mean, it amazes me how he can always find the bright spots of humanity... LOVE his story-telling.
Shhhh. This is my moment.

Hee. Jobo you are amazing!! :)
To be fair, terribleness and destruction is in the eye of the beholder. ;)
Ah, I'm lovin' it.
Cool. But how come they haven't aged?
o/` I've got a theory... o/`
b!X, you tease.......(I'm actually starting to wonder if my theory is the same as yours.)
That it's a demon! A dancing demon, no something isn't right there.
LOL thank you for that catch Shanshu. I thought I was the only one who was getting curious face while watching a seemingly same-aged Whiskey.

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