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July 10 2009

Happy Birthday, Chiwetel Ejiofor! Everyone's favorite Operative turns thirty-five today! And it's Ron Glass' birthday too!

I wasn't entirely sure where to link for this, so the main link takes you to imdb, where I learned it was his birthday. I've also found this, though:, which may be more official. Feel free to make changes as you see fit.

Happy Birthday Mr O!
Unless I stand corrected isn't it also Ron Glass' birthday today?
It's also the 64th birthday of Ron Glass today, according to the Gospel of Wikipedia ( Happy Birthday to him, too.
My goodness - happy birthday Mr B too!
So everyone's favourite possibly-an-ex-Operative also turns a year older ? We should set aside 10th July to celebrate assassins in all their guises. Or maybe just redeemed assassins who see the error of their ways and try to help people.

Happy birthday Messrs Ejiofor and Glass and many more.
I added the bit about Ron to the entry.
Happy Birthday guys!
My two favorite actors in Serenity, born on the same day? Must be a powerful day :)
Happy Birthday to Ron and Chiwetel!!!
Best wishes! :)
Happy Birthday, Chiwetel & Ron!! \o/ :D
edited cause I was a bit out of it when I made this post. Happy birthday to Ron and Chiwetel.

Chiwetel is in the trailer for 2012 and looks to be the best actor in the bunch.

[ edited by eddy on 2009-07-11 04:33 ]
Happy birthday to you both! :D
Happy Birthdays and Huzzah's abound!

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