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July 10 2009

Underground Artist 11th Hour Teams Up with QMx. There's a shiny new tshirt design featuring our favourite ship.

That's an excellent move, and I hope it means we may someday get a fine art print of 11th Hour's lovely "Inara the Companion" painting - - the one done in the "retro 1900s Art Nouveau" style!
Cool, nice one 11th Hour.

(didn't realise you were 'underground' - like a sort of art ninja ;)
Wow, I've seen alot of Firefly/Serenity t's the last few years but this one really rocks!
Great news, 11th Hour! That's a really nice design (but I wasn't expecting anything else :)). And yep, here's hoping this means more designs'll get published.

Unfortunately this shirt is a bit too overtly fannish for me to buy. I'd only end up wearing it to a convention or fan-gathering and there aren't much of those around here :).

I find I prefer the more 'undercover' fan-shirts that you can wear to work or other places were non-fans gather, that also work as a shirt without having to be 'in the know' (I still need to buy that 'curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal'-shirt, for instance).
Kinda reminds me of Okami. You know, awesome game about a wolf. It's like if that spaceship in Okami was really Serenity. Neato!
Yay! S! Hope you are getting a nice paycheck for your efforts. You deserve it.
Yeah, all things considered, that's kind of a poetic development.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-07-11 06:55 ]

Are any of these other 11th's shirts undercover enough for you?
Congratulations, 11th Hour! This is fantastic!
Hey Beth, thanks for posting this thread! This is my very first officially licensed clothing item... so, everyone let's toast, the drinks are on me!

will.bueche ~ Such a coincidence you should mention my arty Inara portrait, perhaps something is stirring on that very same subject... thanks for remembering. :-)

Saje ~ The "underground" depiction does make me smile... and I really like the "art ninja" term you coined too. Underground art ninja? I'd put it on my business card, but I don't have business cards cuz I'm all underground and stuff...

GVH ~ I understand what you mean about fannish vs. 'undercover' designs. I like both types when they're done well, and each type has its own effect. A well designed undercover image makes a cool t-shirt to wear anywhere... plus they are fun inside jokes when other fans spot the design, and know what it means. Seeing that expression of recognition is great. However, doing official licensed work means it's okay to use recognizable elements from the movie, so I enjoyed having this debut design feature our beloved Serenity. I do have stealthy design ideas rambling around my brain pan too, so we'll see what happens...

b!x ~ I just adore the Browncoat Invoice, that was a genius notion and one of the positive things to result from Universal's *ahem* 'legal wackiness'. And, yes, there is a poetical part for me to be doing officially licensed Serenity clothing. :-)

Thanks to everyone for the kind words and enthusiasm, 'tis a sight to see! This design is rather close to my heart... feels good to see it flying again, so to speak...
Thanks for the free drink there, 11thHour ;)

As for fannish vs. 'undercover' designs: I do like both aesthetically and I do think this one is awfully pretty :). If I had more fan-type-things I attended, I'd totally buy one of these and would actually get some wear out of it. But right now, my one explicit browncoat shirt (from the old Dutch community) never leaves my closet as it is :).

Anyway: I see that the shirt is currently sold-out (was that there before?), so it's probably selling quite nicely. Which is great news, because something as pretty as this deserves to be sold :).

But if your more 'undercover' ideas ever see print in shirt form, chances are I'll end up buying one :).
It says out of stock because, as it also says, "AVAILABLE 07.31.09".
Wow, your stuff is fantastic, 1thHour! Thanks for linking to that cafepress page, Anonymous1. I'll definitely be going back there for some pretties, or possibly pointing my honey in that direction when my birthday approaches. (He'll be so grateful, as he always remembers my birthday the day before and then freaks out).
GVH ~ The 'out of stock' status is probably the default message that shows when the product isn't available. They aren't sold out yet, just really new and are currently being produced. The "AVAILABLE 07.31.09" (As b!x mentioned) is the expected date that QMx will have them in-house to ship. However... there is a slim chance there could be some advance shirts available at Comic-Con. Depends on how fast the manufacturer can get them done, and I suspect some super-speedy air shipment to QMx may play a part too. It would be cool to debut some at Comic-Con, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, which is playing havoc with my typing.

By the way, if you'd like to see some of my really underground t-shirt designs, just take a gander at my Cafe Press shop through the link that Anonymous1 posted above (thank you A1!) These designs are so underground, they're under my underground lair... if fact, they're in the basement of my underground lair if you must ask... ;-)

catherine ~ So glad you like my lil' ol' shop, thank you for the nice compliments. I started the shop years ago and added things to it as I found the time. It's got all kinds little nooks where stuff gets stowed. Sometimes you gotta really look around to find things, but that's part of the adventure. If your honey waits until the day *before* your birthday to get you something (I've done that, A LOT), then he may have to order something and print out the page with the picture on it. That way he can give you the picture and let you know the real thing is being made and will arrive soon. :-)
Heh, b!x and 11thHour, you are both obviously correct. Feel kinda stupid for having missed that now ;).

As for the shirts in the cafépress shop: those are really nice and I am now seriously considering including one in my I-need-new-shirts-might-as-well-order-them-online shopping spree which'll be starting at an internet near you around next month when I yet again have the money to pay for it :).

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