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July 10 2009

Jason Palmer's SereniTees. There is even a pink one! And a tank top and olive green raglan top.

I am so going broke at comic con.
Oh! Oh! Me wants a Kaylee one!!!!
Those are awefully pretty. If I'd been a girl, I would have totally considered buying the Kaylee one :)
I know many Lady Browncoats who have been bemoaning the lack of Pink in Sereniverse Merchandise. And I loves me that Crew Tee. Thanks, Jason.
I dunno. Personally, I don't like the "Mal" shirt. When I think "iconic Mal," I don't picture him with a M 4-ish rifle. Jayne yes. Mal no. Now Mal and his pistol...that would be different.

And a "Women of Firefly" tee would be cool.

It says Jason has twelve designs in the maybe...
Why does the pink one have to have a girl (not that I don't love Kaylee)? I just want a pink Jayne shirt something fierce....
GVH - I had the same thought as you! Not that I've considered a sex change, but think of all the fun clothes! =)

...I'll still occasionally wear a woman's T-shirt if I like the image enough. sigh...
I'm not usually into foofarahs but that Kaylee one is awful pretty... and I agree with BreathesStory, I was really hoping that was Jayne and Vera. Looking forward to the next round when hopefully I have money to spend. :)
Shawna Trpcic tweets that she'll be signing 3-4 in the autograph hall on Thursday. I deleted another post on the shirts but a cool shirt+autograph opportunity seemed worth noting here.

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