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July 10 2009

(SPOILER) Another clip from "Epitaph One". This time via Maureen Ryan's "The Watcher" blog from the Chicago Tribune.

Aaaaahhhh, I don't wanna watch it, but I don't know if I can not watch it. Decisions, decisions...
My God, this episode looks amazing. I swear I won't watch another clip, I swear I won't watch another clip, etc. But this was great. Seeing the Dollhouse completely empty gave me genuine chills, as did the plastic sheet covering Printy. And, of course, its removal.

This looks like it was shot Firefly/BSG style, with camera zooms and all that good stuff. Interesting.
Lots and lots of spoilery stuff about the world and what's happened. Might have preferred to leave that till I saw the whole thing. :(
The singapore dude likened the cinematography to Firefly which got me really excited and even moreso now seeing it for myself. :P
So... how do I watch this? It won't load.
Oh, hot damn, it looks so awesome!
omg I can't wait, after seeing that I peed myself with exixtment! - tho not litaraly, cause that would b eww.
It's a teaser that is, quite literally, the teaser.
I was wondering whether E1 will have the usual title sequence. Some screenshots seemed to suggest otherwise.
Can't watch it. The clip doesn't load.
It's been youtubed. (Is it okay to post such links?)
Thanks wiesengrund!
I was hoping would get some major play in this episode. Awesome acting in that last shot.
curlymynci, assuming this is the teaser, you would've seen and heard this in the first minute of watching the episode anyway ;)

Still some significant dialogue there. If we weren't quite sure what happened before, the 'voice'-comment pretty much proves what this'll be about, world-wise. Which is very, very cool :).
I like Felicia the Freedom Fighter. But that's no surprise since it's a formula for greatness.
Very fun clip indeed! Also, I didn't realize until this preview that Zack Ward was also in this episode. Other than that, it only reinforced one thing: I cannot wait for the rest.

On that note, how early do you think we will need to show up to guarantee a good seat for the Dollhouse panel at CC? Maybe some seasoned vets who know the room size/layout and have previous experience can suggest a ballpark figure. Like should I start camping post-breakfast, or would it be safe to start waiting post-lunch?

[ edited by RIPWesley on 2009-07-11 17:27 ]
A good seat? I would say post breakfast. Lots of good panels leading up to it so all day camping in Ballroom 20 won't be bad.
This looks amazing!! I need to swear off spoilers now!!
I'm gonna have to be happy with a crappy seat (IF I get in), cause I'm only going to Ballroom 20 line after Guild panel (ends 11:30am).
That's why you need to network with early seaters to try to hold a space if one opens up while you're on your way.
Last year I went to Ballroom 20 first thing in the morning, and by time Joss came out, I was in like the third row. It was a good plan.

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