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July 11 2009

Seth Green to host RAW. Seth Green has been announced as the guest host on Monday Night Raw this week.

This is among the many things I was not expecting ever to hear.

ETR a split infinitive.

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Weird. Brings some questions to mind:

If he is the first "non-wrestling personality" to host why start with Seth Green of all people? I mean who thinks: "Hey, we have an emergency. We need to find a host. I know! Seth Green!" He doesn't exactly come across as a big personality and will viewers even know who he is?

Maybe he's the Swiss army knife of personalities. NPH can't host the Emmys? -call in Seth. Can't find the next Green Lantern? -call Seth Green. Need a cabinet position filled? -call Seth Green.

Why would Seth even want to do it? Is he a fan? Is he looking to do research for their next Robot Chicken special?

And most importantly, will the viewers even be able to find him on their screen?
Guessing he's a fan. And maybe some connection from when Freddie Prinze Jr. was working there.
And of course to promote upcoming Robot Chicken DVD.
Strangely enough, it doesn't stretch my imagination at all to think that Seth likes wresting.

Don't watch it, but if I remember, I'll record it and flick through.
As a die-hard wrestling fan, l think it's pretty cool.
RAW has been toying with "guest hosts" for the past couple of weeks, starting with Donald Trump. The next two were WWE personalities.

If you remember, Freddie Prinze Jr. was actually a member of the WWE creative team for a short time. I'm looking forward to seeing how they use Seth.
Freddie writes for the WWE, and Seth is one of Sarah's closest friends. I wonder if this is when she finally makes at least a quick cameo?
Does this mean we'll see WWE action figures wrestling instead of the real thing? That could be better in some situations. This I gotta see
ETA: actually, Triple H will be part of Robot Chicken premiere in two weeks. Hopefully, Seth will be a better matchmaker than whoever is doing it now.

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Before reading this thread, I thought I was the entirety of the Whedon/WWE crossover market.

That said, who wouldn't've wanted to see Buffy vs. Gangrel? Angel vs. the Undertaker? Mal vs. Stone Cold? November (in assassin mode) vs. Stephanie McMahon?

*chirp chirp*

OK. Just me. =)
That's silly! Should be Buffy vs. Randy Orton. Now THAT'S an idea
Xander vs Tommy Dreamer. Spike vs CM Punk. Gunn vs Billy Gunn. Dr. Horrible vs The Hurricane aka Gregory Shane Helms. Lorne vs Goldust. Buffy vs The Rock..who'd come up with more witty one liners? I could go on forever.
Well, you also need managers...Spike and the late great Mayor Wilkins can fill that role. Drusilla and Harmony as!
I apologize for this. I really do.

Tell me, sweetie. What is your name?

You have got to be kidding me. I'm the Slay...


(the crowd goes wild)

Wow. I'm just, stunned by your witty one-liners.

Nonononono, seriously, Buffy, right? Summers? Why don't you get out of The Rock's ring...

(croud reacts)

...before I take my size-15 boot, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up, your-- mmmmmph! mpppph!

Up my what, Rock? Oh, hey Willow. Nice save.

I can't believe how easy it was to get him to... Shut The Hell Up!

("Will-oh, will-oh" chant...)

I feel... dirty. I'm sorry. It had to be done.
Awesome, this will make up for Edge being injured.

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