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July 11 2009

Firefly Executive Story Editor/writer Jose Molina working on Castle Season 2. Jose wrote the Firefly episode: Ariel and co-wrote Firefly episode: Trash... wrote some non-Firefly shows too like Without a Trace and Law and Order: SVU.


Actually he wrote Ariel.
He co-wrote Trash with Ben Edlund. At least according to my DVD case.
Thanks. Just checked the DVDs too. Even better!
Castle novel: Heat Wave is available for pre-ordering at Barnes and Noble as well as Amazon.
And Books-A-Milion maybe other bookstores. BN and BAM are the only bookstores in my area.
I can't describe how happy it makes me that Nathan Fillion finally has a hit show on his hands (and yes, I consider Castle a hit.)
Yeah, second that, hope it lasts for him. For me 'Castle's a lot like 'Lie to Me' in that the show itself is sometimes fairly workmanlike and rarely surprises but it's usually well enough put together and the lead (or leads in Castle's case) makes it worth watching.
Graduates of Whedon University are going to take over the industry. It's just a matter of time.
I like this news. When I was outlining the Firefly scripts trying to teach myself beats and pacing and how to solve problems I remember thinking Ariel had right fine elements regarding these.

Kind of dry but it's part of my brand of excitement.

GonGRRAWRGulations to Mr. Molina on the gig and to "Castle" for adding to their talent pool.
Graduates of Whedon University are going to take over the industry. It's just a matter of time.

Kinda the way graduates of the Roger Corman Film School took over the industry starting back in like the '50s.
Castle on right now in USA. Saturday reruns. Episodes are on hulu and abc
Very exciting news about the new writers. I have noticed people complain about the plot lines of the murders, perhaps the new writers will help with that, though personally I don't mind because the show is supposed to be about the character relationships, the "murder of the week" is just something to tell the character stories around rather than the focus of the show.

Anonymous1, I could be wrong but I think Hulu just redirects to the ABC player, not that it matters to me I can't watch anyway.

Castle is on Aussie TV tonight, we're up to episode 9. I really hope that we get to see season 2 fast-tracked so it airs right after it's on in the US. I don't want to have to wait till it's finished airing for it to be on ABC.

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Molina wrote - or at least co-wrote if he got a lot of input - what I consider to be one of the top 5 scenes on Firefly - the airlock scene between Jayne and Mal. I had already liked the series but that was when I realized it might be a great series.

Yes, just mentioning both because people might have a preference of where to start...and Dr. Horrible and Firefly are on hulu.
I wonder if anyone will refer jokingly to Nathan Fillion's "Castle" character in the upcoming season as "Captain" :)
"Ariel" was definitely my favorite Firefly-ep during my first run through the show. Later on the obvious choices ("Out of Gas", "Objects in Space") took over, but that first time it was "Ariel" where I realized that I have never and will never again see Science Fiction like that.

Molina also wrote some of the best Dark Angel episodes, becoming a Story Editor for Season 2. I remember reading about some form of betrayal the DA-fans felt towards him since he went on the write for that space-western that Fox chose over Dark Angel for the Friday 8pm slot.

Also interested to see what Rene Echevarria is up to now. Haven't seen his work in years.
Molina wrote - or at least co-wrote if he got a lot of input - what I consider to be one of the top 5 scenes on Firefly - the airlock scene between Jayne and Mal. I had already liked the series but that was when I realized it might be a great series.

I strongly suspect Joss wrote that scene - partly because of how good it is, partly because the way it flicks from dramatic to comic is pure Joss but mainly because it's very, very similar to the scene at the end of 'Eternity' leading me to think Joss wrote both scenes
Actually, in an interview with Jose Molina -- I think it's in one of the "Firefly" making-of books -- he credits fellow staff writer Ben Edlund with the Mal-almost-throwing-Jayne-out-the-airlock scene.
Arriving late to the party, but I'm so happy with Castle. Nathan does a great job & with someone like Jose on the writing staff... it can only get more awesome. *drool*
A quick note to clarify: I wrote the airlock scene. During the outline stage, we knew the show would climax with a confrontation between Mal and Jayne in which Mal would hold Jayne's life in his hands. Ben pitched the brilliant staging of the conversation -- Jayne in the airlock, Mal about to "space" him.
Thanks for clarifying :).
Greetings, further purple membershipness.
Beautiful idea, perfectly executed. Welcome sir.
Loving Castle and looking forward to your contribution.
Oh, this is good - I've been watching Castle (and indeed, Saje, comparing it to Lie to Me in several respects) and it's somehow better than the sum of its parts - but it could use a little writerly innovation. "Ariel" is one of my favorite Firefly episodes, up there with "Our Mrs. Reynolds" and "Out of Gas". It has such a well-developed sense of place - a fully-realized world into which the episode just peeked.

(Not surprisingly) my wish is to see more of Castle's own writing/publishing life incorporated into the storylines, which I understand is likely to happen. Woo and hoo.

Welcome to the newly empurpled Jose Molina.
Welcome Jose! I must say Dark Angel is one of my very favourite series. Jessica didn't hurt, but it's the writing that takes it a step above.
...but it could use a little writerly innovation.

Nail on the head QG. I think everyone on it and certainly the two leads can play pretty much anything thrown at them, it'd be great if we see them stretched in season 2 (the mother arc has a lot of potential for both plot and character). And yeah, what happened to e.g. the poker games with writer buddies ?

And lo, the Purple ranks swell ;). Thanks for the info Mr Molina, always fascinating to get the inside gen and good luck on 'Castle'.
Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody. See y'all soon.
Oh frak. I quit Dark Angel after S1 & a few episodes, but a friend always insists it got way better later, and now I'm going to be forced to watch S2. Frak, frak, frak! *nervously tightens bulletproof vest*
In case anyone is interested, I'm toeing the waters over at Twitter. I'm @JoseMolinaTV.

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