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July 12 2009

Jed Whedon's Streamy Award and interview. Because Jed's award was on an earlier night we didn't get to see it presented, so this is finally available showing us that presentation and giving us Jed's thoughts. It is a fun video that almost no one has seen yet.

This is old news, but it is great to see Jed interviewed on the topic (I only wish he had given out spoilers for Dollhouse!).

Also at the same YouTube account are interviews/speeches from Michael Boretz and Ryan Green.

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J -, J -, ooh, ah-ah!
Jed said at least 2 bad-bads ! This should have a NSFWWYHSAYBIWEAID tag I reckon (Not Safe For Work Where You Have Sound And Your Boss Is Within Earshot And Isn't Deaf).

They must've had humour sprinkled on their morning cereal in the Whedon household, not a one of them (of those we've seen) can't make with the funny (even one or two sheets to the wind to boot ;).

(and "hopefully, probably, possibly" is virtually "within the next two weeks", right ? Sure he has to hedge for legal reasons and so forth but we know what he really means)
Also there is an interview with Alethea Root, the art director for Dr. Horrible, where she explains the logistics of "frozen yogurt."
Missed that one, oops.
Don't feel bad b!X, I missed all three! I'm so glad these are up, I love getting to hear everyone who worked on Dr. Horrible!
I wish a congrats to Jed, most deserving! If it wasn't for his hardwork, "Dr. Horrible" wouldn't have happened.

Thanks for catching this, embers:)
Very nice interview. And it does reveal one thing a lot of people have been wondering about:


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