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July 12 2009

DVD Talk reviews the Dollhouse Season 1 DVD. It's a review of the screener copy (which lacks Disc 4).

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Fixed, thanks.
Both sessions are worth a listen, especially for die-hard Whedon opposed to casual Whedon fans, which don't seem to exist.

Heh. We aren't that bad.

Lovely review and very well written. Can't wait for Epitaph One and the release of the DVD.
Good review. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for a reviewer to have only 3/4 of the materials he's reviewing... I get why, I just don't like it.
Can't wait for the Blu-Ray reviews to come in. The show looked stunning in HD, and I hope it received a proper transfer to Blu-Ray (resulting in even better picture).
There are some casual Whedon fans. My best friend loves Dollhouse but even though she watched most of Buffy when it was on she's only now decided it would be worth it to watch from start to finish. And I may never talk her into watching all of Angel.
"It's not often, though, that Whedon projects get a second chance (here's looking at you, Serenity), so it's likely that they'll make the most of this opportunity"

He's done 4 television shows out of which Buffy and Angel got 7 seasons and 5 seasons respectively, and Dollhouse is getting at least a 2nd season... I think hes done pretty well wth 2nd chances overall.
A casual Whedon fan? I didn't realize such an animal existed.

Besides from being a bit jealous, I still thought it was a good review. Sooo looking forward to July 28th so the rest of us can play:)
According to this, the screener version isn't just incomplete, it doesn't even have the right quality on the discs which it does have. So what's the point of the review?
Promoting the show itself, i imagine. I dunno.
A casual Whedon fan? I didn't realize such an animal existed.

Apart from the fact that I think we're all pretty casual as it is ;), I think most "casual fans" would not persť be Whedon-fans. They'd just love one or two of his shows. But to take the step to think "wait, I love the work this writer is doing" (and then search out more of it) is already taking one foot further into actual fandom, I'd say :).
Maybe it's just cheapo me.. but why is it more expensive ($49 can) than a full season of Fox's "24 "and Prison Break? plus other 12/13 season shows like BSG 4.5, Dexter are less and Cablers DVD's are usually more expensive.
Is Fox taken us for granted here ? Hey wouldn't a cheaper price bring more sale..I will not be buy extra copies for gifts at that $$!
Just asking..
NOTE: this a Canadian $ rant
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Canadian Rant part deux.
Even more annoying is the ad for Amazon USA here for $31, that's $35 can. So what's with $49 Amazon Canada??

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