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July 13 2009

Happy Birthday, Fran Kranz! He is the ripe old age of 26 today.

Aw, no comments? Happy birthday Fran! Join Twitter for your special day.
Yes, I'm pretty sure we were told that certain parties were going to get him on Twitter.

*glares at certain parties*
Happy Birthday Fran!

Happy birthday, Fran!! :D

May ya have a good day. :)
A very Happy Birthday to Fran!!!!

Hey, we're almost the same age..I feel like he should hang out with me for that...;-)P
And yeah, please, Mr.Kranz, join that Twitter thing!! It would be fun.. Expecially for us!
Fran is two weeks older than my oldest daughter. I still think of my daughter as a kid (though I try not to let her know that), so now I picture the two of them as preschoolers throwing things at each other in a sand box.

Happy Birthday, Fran Kranz. You are now a man. Twice.
Happy birthday Mr Fran Kranz and many more.

At 26 you probably shouldn't remember your birthdays too clearly by the day after but here's to a good time while you're having it ;).
Happy Birthday & Best Wishes Fran!
Happy birthday! July is a great month for being born...I should know! ;P
Happy Birthday, Fran!
Aww, we're the same age (Ok, I'm older by 2 months and 2 days, but still). Happy birthday, Fran. Hope you've had a great day. ;)
Note the 'Bulge on Dollhouse' post.

It got a giggle out of me.

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