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July 13 2009

"I was thrilled to get the call about the prime-time Emmys". Neil Patrick Harris speaks about becoming the host for the Emmys. Though there is a dilemma about which voice he should use for it.

The decision was a no-brainer after NPH's Tony Awards performance. But congrats, anyway, to our favorite Dr. I don't generally watch the awards shows, but I doubt I'll miss the show this year.

I wonder if there is a trifecta? NPH for the Oscars, anyone?
CBS's press release also notes that Neil will be a producer as well as host.
Funny, I don't think he was as thrilled as I am that he got the call. *swoon*
Hee, I'm with josswhedonaddict in that!
This is AWESOMEEE (Barneyesque style)!
I hope he picks the foppish Brit voice.. Or, why not foppish Brit robot?! ;-)P
Congratulations! You know, I'm actually planning on watching the Emmys this year just for this reason. Whatever voice he chooses, Neil will steal the show.
Are there going to be promos with him saying "Tux up!"?
I only wish he came dressed as Dr. Horrible, riding Bad Horse. As for the Oscars, palehorse, I'm not sure about that. Besides, Hugh Jackman did great in his first try.
I suspect riding Bad Horse may not end well.

Re: voice, why not go for the combo ? Foppish Brit robot has already kinda been done by C3PO but I think Foppish gangsta Brit robot still has some legs.

(he's a great choice for live TV, from interviews etc. NPH just seems naturally witty and quick with it)
Plus, even if he fails to be witty, he's got that whole hopelessly adorable thing going for him.
Bad Horse attending the emmys?? Nah, he already has an evil empire under his hooves, why would he gallop for small fame (yes, I'm still earning my Doctorate in Evil so every point counts)?

Foppish gangsta would put the audience into shock, but Brit robot could leave them guessing and wanting more.
Heh. Now I need to watch the Emmies, for what will be the first time ever (because, y'know, they don't actually air the Emmies in The Netherlands :)).
Good for him, I'm very glad, but you'd have to pay me an awful lot of money to watch the Emmys.

That's just me, not a knock on anybody who wants to watch, just that I can't stand those shows.

That said, I hope and expect he'll acquit himself extremely well.
"Plus, even if he fails to be witty, he's got that whole hopelessly adorable thing going for him."

Yeah, jcs nailed it. :)
He should do his evil laugh.
He should host ALL awards shows (and narrate my life). Go NPH!
zeitgist, I agree. Plus my life would seem so much more interesting if NPH were narrating it. "Fade in on the half completed kitchen in the early morning light. Sassafras adds scoops of coffee to the filter, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5." Plus as an added bonus, I'd never lose count because I'm still half asleep again.
Which reminds me: 1 year anniversary of Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog is about to happen.
We should all re-watch it in parts to commemorate the event.
So just to be clear, everyone else doesn't hear Neil Patrick Harris' voice narrating their life ?

Of course you we don't, why would we. That'd be bonkers.

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