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September 30 2003

Listmania 2: The Secret of the Ooze. Daniel Erenberg continues his top 5 Buffy lists in a sequel piece.

Things I've learned and/or questioned reading this article...

A) Don't piss off Spike fans... but I already knew that.

B) People say that Spike's death was not as effective because they knew he was going to be on Angel but we all knew Buffy would be back when she died at the end of 'The Gift'?

C) Why so much love for Drew Goddard, who is great but seems a little overrated at this point? Same for Mere Smith. Loved the inclusion of The Great Noxon (my trademarked title for her).

D) Which episode is 'Birthday'?

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Hey, I am just about to answer my own question. 'Birthday' is the S3 Ats Cordy-centric episode written by... Mere Smith.

Thinking Buffy, not thinking Angel.

'Pangs' would have made my holiday list. One of my top laffers.

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