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July 13 2009

Season 7 of "Ace of Cakes" features Serenity. One of the cakes featured in the season opener for "Ace of Cakes" is an amazing flying replica of Serenity. Including the two side engines made of Rice Krispies. The lucky recipient tells her story here, along with some awesome pics over there.

Sweet Serenity, indeed!

That is beyond awesome! Too bad you have to eat the artwork after it's finished.
Wow, they ate Serenity. Wonder if she tasted good?
Should have read the whole blog:

"Serenity tastes like chocolate. It was delicious..."
Ok...this was the best blog comment:

"Hey, wait a minute! You left out the part where Nathon Fillion jumps out of the cake! I'm sure I sent you pictures of that too!"
"Serenity tastes like chocolate. It was delicious..."

They must have eaten the bit River was in.
Kaylee's gonna have a real headache trying to fix 'er that time.
Ok, some day when I have loads of money to waste (and that hasn't gone to some charity already cause I'm cool and charitable like that) I'm gonna have a Serenity cake baked and then pay for Nathan Fillion to jump out of it cause that would be better than 40 cakes that Lex Luther couldn't steal. And that's not bad.
Love Ace of Cakes. I distinctly remember Mary Alice wearing a "Joss Whedon is My Master Now" t-shirt in one of the episodes.
Is this a new Serenity cake? They have built her before. A couple of seasons ago. And I missed that episode. So I am setting my DVR right now.
madmolly: Yes, it is. The girl who got it is a friend of mine.
@BetNoir- your friend is a very lucky girl.
Yes, definitely a new cake. It's a better rendition of Serenity than the first one.
That was way cool!! I wouldn't want to eat it!!
I loved her quote at the end of the blog entry. Can't wait to see the episode!

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