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July 13 2009

Operative's Sword from Serenity For Sale. The owner is selling the movie prop on eBay, complete with a certificate of authenticity, due to "fun" economic times.

The description does not mention for which scenes this particular prop was used, but the owner notes that one "can trace a lot of the dings and scratches straight from the screen to the sword."

I changed your link to a more permanent one.
To make sure it sells for a decent price they should add a "Please buy this or the current owner will use it to committ seppuku" notice. Or something :).

Sorry, I lost myself there. But I want it so BAD.
What's with the ships to the U.S only? Some of us in other countries have money to waste spend too.
I do not think you are allowed to sell weapons on e-bay outside of your own country. While it is just a movie prop it still probably counts as a weapon.
Sorry for the impermanent link; I thought it looked funny, but I have no experience with e-bay and since the person whose link to this I found (Joel Watson of HijiNKS Ensue) was promoting his friend's auction, I assumed he would have used something persistent.

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