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July 15 2009

Christian Kane's series Leverage Season 1 DVD out now in the US. Which includes a nice shout out to Joss in the commentary from the producers on the episode "The Snow Job". Then tonight marks the premiere of Season 2 of Leverages tonight on TNT at 9pm ET.

Interesting side note: Dean Devlin's first job was as PA on the movie "My Bodyguard" which started Whedon alum Adam Baldwin.

Also many kudos are given to Christian and Mark Sheppard for their performances by various producers, writers, and directors through out the commentaries.

It's a really solid release for a 13-episode show. I've been a big fan ever since I heard about it, and it's a LOT of fun. The audio commentary is almost as good as the show itself!
Damn, I may have to spring for this, even though I'm beyond broke. Leverage is definitely on my very short list of 'must see' shows.
Gina Bellman is in this? Damn, I might have to check it out after all.
Yeah, it's a really fun show with a great cast. Gina Bellman is great as always, Aldis Hodge is a standout, Beth Riesgraf is kooky fun and, of course, Timothy Hutton and our very own Christian Kane are fantastic (ditto Mr. Mark Sheppard).
Y'know, I felt compelled to buy this and did so this morning but I never noticed that my compulsion arrived at precisely the time that it was released. Weird. :)
And a bargain at just $21.49 plus shipping! Less than two bucks an episode and there's audio commentary (*useful* audio commentary from what I've heard so far) on every last episode. Buy it! Buy it now!
I *heart* my Amazon Prime membership. Free two-day shipping!
I heart my Amazon Prime membership, free one day shipping (it comes with living in a much, much smaller country ;).

Hmm, this is cheap enough to ship to the UK duty free, might be worth springing for the R1 rather than waiting. Had some clunky bits early on and suffered very slightly from the out of order broadcast but by the end (actually by about 3/4 of the way through) 'Leverage' was just fantastic warm-hearted fun and damn near flawless entertainment IMO.

And for the folks that missed the between seasons vidlets ...

Grieving guest star.

Parker Can't Lose.

Neither Can Aldis Hodge.

Season 2 Preview from the Writer's Room (HUGE bear related spoilers).

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