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July 15 2009

Aaron Sherman reviews Dollhouse Season 1. Summary: "So, is it worth buying the season one DVDs? Yes, I believe it is."

The extras, "Epitaph One" and the original pilot ("Echo") have not been provided to reviewers to stop leaks.
To the majority, yes, but there were some reviewers that got a copy, right? Ausiello, Sepinwall, Ryan all seem to have seen the episode in the last few days.
This isn't actually a review of a DVD set. If the reviewer got a set, it was one without "Epitaph One" and the extras.

He's just reviewing the season, to let his readers know he thinks buying the DVD's would be worthwhile. I already knew that--as did just about everybody here.

But we're special!
Huh, interesting, I was sure I read somewhere it was a review of the DVD set. But rereading it again, I have to agree that there's nothing there that indicates he has seen more than the regular aired season.
At first glance I thought that said Armin Shimmerman. I need more sleep.
wiesengrund, what's unclear to me is whether those reviewers got the entire Disc 4, or some sort of special E1 screener. Either way, yes, some reviewers have gotten the episode.
Yes, most definitely the gal from the Chicago Tribune SAW Ep 13
I thought it said Armin Shimmerman too!
I thought it said Armin Shimmerman needs more sleep.
I thought it said Armin Shimmerman eats more sheep.

No I didn't (but now i'm starting to wonder).

(and I just got a Doctor Horrible has killed the server anniversary 'Grr ... Aarrgh', how cool is that ? *he says, hoping it was deliberate*)
It's a bit late, but I had to request an account. In the meanwhile, I updated the article. This was really written for people who had not seen the first season, and were thinking about buying the DVD to catch up, now that it's been renewed. So, most of what I said was really nothing new or interesting to Whedonesque readers.

That being said, thanks to wiesengrund for submitting this, and thanks to all of you for your comments. No, Armin Shimmerman and I have no relation ;-) Interestingly enough, neither do Alan Sherman and I (he wrote the original Star Trek Compendium that, up until the existence of the Net, was THE tome for Star Trek info).

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