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September 30 2003

Angel's time slot gets more competitive . Fox have announced that 'The O.C.' will move to the 9pm ET Wednesday slot in late October.

US viewers may be interested to know that in the UK, there is still a gentleman's agreement between the BBC and ITV about running certain dramas in the same timeslot (i.e. high production period pieces and that sort of thing).

Anyone here think Angel will be hit in the ratings by this Orange County move?

I don't know if Angel's ratings will fall, and it'll probably benefit from homeless "Buffy" viewers, but competition from a show with so much buzz will probably hurt Angel's chances for ratings growth, especially in the demographic that the WB is after.
I'm not predicting an utter catastrophe, but yeah, Angel will get hurt a bit by this move. :(
Sigh. It's a good thing I don't have the WB; I rather enjoy the guilty pleasure of those crazy OC kids. But I'm worried that this may impact Angel's ability to hold the audience of its lead-in, Smallville.

And what about Tru Calling? The OC was slated to be its lead-in; now it's going to be followed by re-runs of Skin. Ouch. Not a good sign for Eliza's show.
Damn. I was really looking forward to The OC. Time to get TiVo.
The West Wing, Jake 2.0, The OC, Good Eats -- has every good show on TV decided to use this time slot?
Yeah, this will hurt Angel somewhat. The key for Angel is to hold on to a good protion of Smallville's audience, mostly the young male viewers. The OC will probably have some trouble in this timeslot considering The Bachelor sucks in a lot of the young female demo the show depends on (if it's audience is traditional for a soap) but the Thursday night slot was brutal.

Oh, Tru Calling is so cancelled by December.

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I get the feeling quite a few BtVS viewers turned to the O.C. (I know I did).
I tuned into the Jane Espenson-penned episode of The OC and laughed quite a bit during the opening tease... but not in a good way if you know what I mean. Just seemed like more high school melodrama and I just don't really have too much of a taste for that.
This sucks, I'm getting TIVO this weekend. The O.C. was designed for the Buffy crowd, it mixes humor with over the top melodrama and young hot chicks. It's also well scripted. Why can't they spread some of these shows to Tuesday which has becoming a huge sucking black hole?
Am I reading the fall schedule this year right? Angel on WB. CSI on CBS. West Wing on NBC. Coupling and Will & Grace on ABC. Jake 2.0 on UPN. The networks put all their crap all the rest of the week but their best stuff they all put on the same night and time. What is it about Wednesday at 8pm (CST) that makes that slot so coveted?
Coupling and Will & Grace on ABC

Nope - those are NBC shows. ABC will be running episodes of "The Bachelor," which like it or not is a ratings performer.

Looks like Wednesday night has become the new Thursday night. Ouch.
yeah,i don't know about a catastrophe, but it will definitely hurt the show
I know that Tuesday could sure use some pick me up...
"high school melodrama"? Well, they've not been to school yet and the story is about the kids' parents as much as about the kids. So it's a little bit more than that. It's no Buffy, but it's quite funny and entertaining.

And I'm way too old to be watching it.
Well yeah but I can live without The Bachelor. Dumb show. The fall schedule I was looking at was organized weirdly. Kinda hard to find a good one online that lists all the networks together. Anyone else have better luck? Not a tv guide listing, but an updated overall look at the fall schedule this season.

I can't recall the last time so many shows I had at least a vague interest in were together in the same night, even if I was wrong about Coupling. I can live without W&G: major cringeworthy, that one.
If I'm not mistaken, Jane Espenson, was involved in the production of The OC and she even wrote an episode.
Haven't seen THE OC, yet. I guess It'll start by the end of November here in South AMerica, on our local Cable Warner Channel.
Funny how everyone is clashing together.
Jane's involvment with The O.C. was a one-off. She's now a staff writer for Gilmore Girls. I don't know about production.

I kinda wanted to like The O.C. for that reason, but the show just feels so shallow.
Actually, Jane Espenson was involved with the entire "summer season" of The OC. She told Herc at AICN that she was helping them break stories and map out future plot points. She only penned one entire episode, but I think she contributed a lot to the early development of the show.
No wonder why the language or the "speak" per say, reminded me so much of Buffy. It was kinda eeerriie really
I have never seen The O.C. The only television shows I watched were Angel and just Angel. Other than that, I am a news junkie. This news has me worried...from what everyone is saying here...we need those Angel ratings up...I do not want to lose this one too!!! :(
prolific - I didn't watch enough of the show to see if they physically went to high school or not. I just meant that mooning over privilged white kids romantic life kinda thing. I guess it's suposed to be the new 90210 (from what I've read) but I still haven't figured out why anyone would need the old 90210 let alone the new one.

As for the ratings sucess of Angel this year, I kinda figure it's going to be the final season (heck, it barely made it to this one) so I'm just going to sit back & enjoy 22 new episodes of Whedony goodness and not worry about the ratings cause I can't do a thing about them anyway.

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