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July 15 2009

James Marsters talks about his role as Buzz Aldrin in Moonshot. There are lots of print and online interviews with JM around at the moment in the lead up to the anniversary of the moon landings but this one is especially nice.

James talks about his memories of the moon landing and the experience of playing one of his heroes, Buzz Aldrin. Moonshot airs on Monday 20th July in the UK and US.

While I thought James' performance was fine, I was a little disappointed in Moonshot. Maybe it was because I watched it in a hotel room in Leicester, but I just couldn't get into it.

Nice interview, though.
I was lucky enough to see a preview at the BFI and thought it was great. Looking forward to seeing it again when it airs in the UK on Monday.
Spain has joined to the anniversary premieres... and for once that a countryfellow network doesn't make me wait, I'll be in Belfast on Monday. That's my karma :/
Sorry for the repetition. Mhm... cookies.

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Really looking forward to this (if I ever knew i'd forgotten that Andrew Lincoln's in it too, could be good so long as he can manage the accent).

Think i'm gonna have a bit of a marathon iPlayer catch-up this weekend on all the stuff the Beeb's been showing as part of the anniversary. There've been some really interesting looking documentaries but often on BBC4 which I only get when the planets align and the wind's in the north and solar radiation's at a ten year low and ... the reception's bad basically.
Sounds like it's going to be in every country but Canada. :(
Just checked the time on this, as it's the same day as the first installment of the Torchwood mimi-series (as we in the U.S. refer to something only five episodes long). ;)

TW is on BBCA at 9PM Eastern, Moonshot is on The History Channel at 10PM Eastern (9PM Central, glad I'm not in that time zone). But both will probably be re-aired, both channels make a habit of lots of re-airings.

Being something of a space buff (I've seen Apollo 13 about five times), I'm really looking forward to this. Of all the astronauts, Aldrin was probably the most interesting, a bit of a cowboy in the ranks.

Not airing in Canada, really? Sorry, Canadian guys. The History Channel website probably has On Demand - I've never checked, but most channels do.
I watched Moonshot last night and enjoyed it. I think it was one of the better dramatizations of the moon landing I've seen, and definitely something that I would have watched even without James in it.

The movie was more drama than docu than I expected, and James also had much larger role than I had assumed - at times it felt like I was watching the Buzz Aldrin show :)
Space buff here, too. Very much looking forward to this.
Watched it last night and much enjoyed it. I wish it were longer though- it felt like it would have been nice to fill in more of the "conflict" between Armstrong and Aldrin, as well as the actual prep and voyage of the mission.

Still good.

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