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July 15 2009

Nerd Apocalypse Survival Guide. Our favorite nerdy girl at The Park Bench provides a list of essentials we nerds should have on hand in case of apocalypse, including Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack and David Boreanaz blow up doll (for in case it floods, of course!).

"EVERYONE’S going to be a sarcastic bastard when the world ends."

I know for as long as I survive I will be.
Oh great, MORE zombies! *eye roll*
I'm just worried we'll have tribes of Trekkies, Dr. Horribles, Captain Hammers, Cylons, and so forth, and our civilization will collapse in an incredibly embarassing way.
Also, if women want a David Boreanaz blow up doll, what do men want in terms of inflatable company? I'd propose some ideas, but I'll let others do that.
Hee! Not too concerned with the Trekkies, but those Cylons could be a tricky group of machines. Best bet would to hoarded all the batteries and hold that over them.
Solar powered laptop and/or games handheld, especially if it's a zombie apocalypse (those guys are sloooowwww, Tetris would be a definite boon while you wait for your brains to be eaten. And they are slow BTW, I refuse to be involved in any apocalypse featuring those new-fangled running ones. Standards people, standards).

Mini-office basketball might be just the thing to bring gangs of marauding killers and rapists round.

A T-shirt saying "I survived an ongoing apocalypse and all I got was this lousy T-shirt, my life and an inappropriate sense of liberation from the 9 to 5 grind" (cos there're bound to be end-of-the-world parties and so on so i'd need something to wear).

An ongoing apocalypse might be the perfect opportunity to finally read Knuth, so a set of those (they'd also make a pretty handy weapon).
This is the second link I've followed from here over to "the park bench."

My reaction each time is how Willow felt in "Hush" after sitting in at the Wicca group with all the "wanna-blessed-be"s -- I've been an uber-nerd since birth, but that site is as much "miss" as "hit."

And don't be fooled by all the movies where zombies are slow unless you want to be lunch. They're not always slow.
Zombie creep me out so much, I don't think I could deal with fast ones. Slow is the way I like my zombies.
Slow is the way I like my zombies.

Excellent phrasing!

I had to use multiple levels of willpower not to reply with some sort of cooking metaphor of "slow simmer" versus "fast boil."

But be warned -- you don't always get to choose between the fast and slow ones. I mean, each time I've come back from the dead, the lethargy only lasted for half an hour or so.

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