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July 15 2009

"Welcome to Shadow" - a new Blue Sun Travel Agency poster. Adam Levermore's latest artwork depicts Captain Malcolm Reynold's home planet. 100 special prints of these will be made available for purchase at QMX's booth at Comic Con.

And more info about Shadow can be found over at

This is fantastic. I want one. I really want one.
Prices? Times available? Anyone??

I get so many comments/compliments on the other travel posters when people visit my house. Plus, I'm a total completist, so this is being added to my (very long) list of CC booty to be acquired. I'm gonna be SO poor!
Same here missb. I framed the last set and I get compliments on them all the time. Its funny because half the time people dont realize they're fictitious destinations (until they see Persephone).
Oh, good, it is a poster of Shadow before and not after. You never know with Blue Sun. There are probably tours in suits.
Beautiful! My hat is off to Adam as always. He does such good work. :)
Hey folks a little more detail on SDCC Shadow poster variant:

These will be 11"x 17" photo prints, not the 17"x 22" lithographs that will be in the final retail set. We're doing just 100 and they're also going to be printed using a new digital process that overlays a texture on top of the print. Very subtle but looks really cool. The SDCC version also has an Easter Egg in it that won't be on the final print (if you follow us on Twitter you probably already know what that is).

Price is $12. And for that, the artist will be happy to sign it for you, if you like :-)
Little House on the Prairie.

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