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July 16 2009

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog gets nominated for a Emmy! In the Outstanding Special Class section, it got nominated in the Short-format Live-Action Entertainment category. Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of the musical.

Here's the relevant details:

Outstanding Special Class - Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Programs

30 Rock's Kenneth the Web Page • • Universal Media Studios

Battlestar Galactica: The Face Of The Enemy • • Universal Cable Productions

Bruce Springsteen Super Bowl Halftime Show • NBC • White Cherry Entertainment in association with Don Mischer Productions

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog • • Mutant Enemy, Inc.

The Daily Show: The Daily Show Correspondents On Jon Stewart • • Comedy Central Digital Media

Plus Neil was nominated once again for Supporting Actor, and he's hosting.
Yay for Dr. Horrible!

Boo for many of the other nominations. Seriously, I kinda laughed when I saw the writing nominations. Four nominations for 30 Rock, four for Mad Men, one for Flight of the Conchords, and one for Lost? That seems quite wrong to me. I would've liked to see Battlestar get some nods there, if not in Best Drama Series.

Also really wanting to see Connie Britton recognized for what she's doing on Friday Night Lights.
One week until the Comic-Con screening of the Emmy nominated Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Heh.

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The only nomination that doesn't fit is the "Super Bowl Halftime Show". The other noms are for web media. Let's hope we, and the Evil League of Evil and Web TV Enthusiasts, can lobby Emmy voters to choose Dr. H.
Does this category fit within the broadcast or will it be one of those ancillary awards issued at a separate event a week prior? 'Cos if it is part of the main deal, I should like to see a singing Neil in goggles and trench coat.
Awesomeness. Total awesomeness.
This is just the cherry on top of what has been a wonderful project! I'm so pleased for everyone involved and will certainly be crossing fingers/toes on their behalf.
Even if I am wondering how something with the cojones of Dr H can be in any way compared with, er, superbowl filler. (Could I possibly be denied entry into the USA now for slighting The Boss?!)
Yay Dr Horrible!
Even if I am wondering how something with the cojones of Dr H can be in any way compared with, er, superbowl filler. (Could I possibly be denied entry into the USA now for slighting The Boss?!)

I've lived in 'Jersey for years. Consider yourself invited. :)
Also of note - BSG: Face of the Enemy was co-written by Jane Espenson.
So happy for Doctor Horrible but generally disappointed with the nominations overall (but lets be honest, thats nothing new for us genre fans). NOTHING for Friday Night Lights is a travesty. Only a directing nom for BSG is disappointing. Its cool to see HIMYM on the comedy list but it will get beat by 30 Rock (the list of writing noms made the winners of best drama and best comedy VERY clear). Oh well.
Very cool. And yay to the BSG nom, as well!
The fact that Dr. H is the only web-original nominee is amazing. It stands on its own. Bravo, team. Honestly, this is a historical nomination.
Outstanding Voice-Over Performance
Robot Chicken • Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II • Cartoon Network • ShadowMachine
Seth Green, as Anakin Skywalker/ Bob Goldstein/ Imperial Officer/ Ponda Baba/ Robot Chicken Nerd

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Congrats to the Dr. Horrible team and to BSG and Robot Chicken as well! Woot!
I dunno, I thought Face of the Enemy was much weaker than The Resistance webisodes. Did anyone actually "get" FotE?
Whoo hoo! Congrats to Joss and team!
I hate to be a killjoy, but not one single nod for Dollhouse does make me kinda sad. With both Fringe and LTM getting noms it seems like kinda the opposite of the outcome Fox might have guessed a year ago.
Oh man, if they dont broadcast the Freeze Ray song, in some form, I'm gonna be upset.
WOW! This is fantastic. Congratulations Team Horrible.
Oh man, if they dont broadcast the Freeze Ray song, in some form, I'm gonna be upset.

I have a sinking feeling this is one of those categories that won't be broadcast at all. It'll be one of the special mentions that scroll on the bottom of the screen. Hopefully I'm wrong.
Go "Horrible"! Obviously my fingers are crossed; plus with NPH hosting there might be something fun. I'm almost tempted to watch--almost.

Re: "Dollhouse": Whedon shows virtually never get nods. It's cool. And I'm not all that interested in sfx and sound editing and hairstyling nods, personally, although obviously they are important to those who work hard in the industry. The only major nomination a Whedon show has ever got was writing for "Hush." EDIT: Also, there is one nom each for "Fringe" (vfx) and "Lie to Me" (main title design)--I wouldn't say they made all that much of an impact.

Re: "Face of the Enemy": It was a little rushed, yes, but I thought it was very strong, and much more of a story than "The Resistance" was. (And let's not talk about the "Razor" webisodes.)

I thought that "Flight of the Conchords" had a much weaker second season than its first--the songs are weaker, the comic situations more typically sitcommy--so I'm a little taken aback that it did so well--but, hell, it is such a fun show. It's great to see Jemaine Clement get an acting nod. It is a shame that Michel Gondry didn't get a directing nod for his episode, which was pretty fantastic.

I liked this season of "Lost" better than previous ones; I'm still not really sold on it being one of the best drama series. Well, I think "Dollhouse" is much better anyway (which, even here, may not be a popular opinion!), but besides that I'm not positive what I would put as better, considering that I wasn't quite happy with the way BSG ended. So I'm honestly not sure what drama series I would trade it out for--I guess I just don't watch enough good TV.

I love "Mad Men" and think it's fantastic. But really, no show should dominate any category four to one; "Mad Men's" episodes, too, aren't tonally dissimilar enough for four different nominees to be warranted. C'mon guys: a little "Dexter", a little "BSG" ("Sometimes a Great Notion," maybe?)? And that's not to say anything about "Dollhouse's" "Man on the Street" or "A Spy in the House of Love" or....

Similarly, I like "30 Rock" a lot, but four writing noms out of five? The last few episodes of "The Office" this year were kind of incredible.

I haven't seen this year's "House" (I'm still watching season two!) but I like the show generally. I saw this year's "Dexter" and while I thought it was a step down from previous years I still liked it a lot; and Jimmy Smits totally deserves the guest actor. I'm calling it now.

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A Dr. Horrible song on Emmy night would have me glued to my seat in anticipation. I think "My Eyes" and "Everything You Ever" are the best songs, but I can understand the appeal of doing something a bit more accessible like "My Freeze Ray" or "A Man's Gotta Do."
"A Man's Gotta Do."

Ooh, with surprise appearances by Nathan and Felicia!

Hey, I can dream. :)
Congratulations to everyone for Dr. Horrible's Emmy nom. That's just awesome.
Dr. Horrible should win hands down... and I think a performance of either "Brand New Day" or "My Eyes" or "A Man's Gotta Do" because they are all accessible in their own way. I think "A Man's Gotta Do" is the best bet though if anything.

Joss please read this and set it up, we'd enjoy it. :) (Or Emmy scheduling people please read this.)
It amazes me how horrible the majority of nominations are. No love for the best show on TV at the time, BSG, or the other great shows, Dollhouse and Terminator. It's ridiculous how full of BS it is.

I got FOTE, btw. It wasn't as good as the other one, but still awesome. Certainly better than Kenneth the page or whatever.

Oh and also, Go Bruce! I thought that the sound and song selection was sub par, but still he's awesome. Of course I want Dr. H to win, but Bruce is way better than most of the other nominations in the categories.

And one final complaint. You give Big Bang an actress guest star nomination and it doesn't go to Summer Glau? Madness. Obviously these folks at the Emmies have no taste in television, and have only learned good things like BSG, NPH, Dr. Horrible, and Bruce through hearsay and rumors.
Fantastic news, congrats JJZM + everyone else that made it fab.

As to the rest of the noms, meh. The previous season of 'House' was, up until the last 4 or 5 episodes, probably the weakest yet so it wouldn't be my choice. And Big Bang Theory should definitely be in there for casting, or rather for casting Jim Parsons as Sheldon - without him the show would be very weak tea indeed (even with him it's a bit too much geeks through the "normal" lens).

(and much as I love Summer I have to say I was underwhelmed by her BBT guest spot - not cos she was bad, just cos she had very little to do. Whereas Christine Baranski was pretty funny)
Hello!!! Friday Night Lights?? Kings? Life?
Glad Kristin Chenowith and HIMYM got nods, but otherwise I share the general mehness. Even though I watch some of those shows, I don't have any real excitement about this.

But if Neil hosting actually makes it possible for a Dr. Horrible performance? Well that would get me to watch, for at least that part. Would be great exposure for the show.
My only major gripes are the lack of BSG nominations (but what was I expecting?) and Josh Holloway not getting a supporting actor nom for Lost. As much as I love Michael Emerson as Ben he didn't really do much this season whereas Josh was fantastic and really the highlight of the whole thing. And True Blood acting noms. Where are they? It's even lacking technicals outside of the (deservedly so) opening credits.

Oh, and the writing noms. Now, I love Mad Men and 30 Rock is good but Dominating the writing categories? You've got to be kidding me. They could have at least given BSG, Dexter, and The Office one.

One thing I think is a huge step forward though is the exclusion of Two and a Half Men in the comedy category. The inclusion of BBT and FotC is great as are the noms for NPH and Jim Parsons.

And grats to all the Whedonverse noms, especially the brain trust behind Dr. Horrible. Moving forward in terms of quality media distribution are we?
Let's not be dissing Kenneth.

And I think that "Mad Men," e.g., was a much, much better show than "BSG" this year. Maybe not as good as its first season, but often heartbreaking. (I'd put "Dollhouse" as my second favourite drama of the year after "MM," with "Dexter," I guess, third.)
With NPH hosting the primetime awards, it seems reasonable that he could acknowledge Dr. Horrible in some way,if it wins and is not part of the primetime broadcast. If it does not win, that would be more difficult. Meanwhile, I am sure that HIMYM would want him putting them front and center in any comments made. I can't really imagine them allowing him to do a number from Dr. Horrible though. Of course, that does not mean I would not be thrilled if it happened.
That's what I'd figured until seeing the tweeted rumor linked up top. No idea how credible they are.
A rumor which sprang up within mere hours of the nominations, before any Emmy show has actually been put together.
NPH is hosting and nominated, Dr. Horrible is nominated. Greatly improved my which Powerstar sent me a New Moon tee instead of Dollhouse.

[ edited by josswhedonaddict on 2009-07-16 20:37 ]
Powerstar sent me a New Moon tee instead of Dollhouse.

Ow, burn.
This made me so happy that I just went and rewatched DHSAB. Its still as good as the first time I watched it.
Ow, burn.

Uh huh.
Yeah, that is brutal... but there are Dollhouse shirts? Hmm...
Yeah, the logo.
That's what I'd figured until seeing the tweeted rumor linked up top. No idea how credible they are.

It's not a case of them being credible, from what I can tell - they're just like us, it's something they want to happen. It's not something they've heard will. More info on their website, rather than their Twitter.

"As’s Ken Tucker so astutely pointed out, “DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-A-LONG BLOG, was nominated in the (deep breath, now) Outstanding Special Class Short-Format Live-Action Entertainment Programs category.” Which means we get to see the cast perform a song live on Emmy night? Or at least that’s the unsubstantiated rumor we’ve decided to start…
Ah, well that's lame.
Yeah it is a bit annoying. Ah well, chalk it up to experience and move on. We'll still be doing our Whedonesque at the Emmys coverage. Our field reporters will be on the red carpet interviewing the stars from the Jossverse on the night. And when I say field reporters I mean people following the Emmy twitter feed at home.
With NPH hosting the Emmys, we might to see some on-screen reference to Dr. Horrible - even if it's only improvised.
Especially if they could get Nathan Fillion to present an award. That'd be cool.
Contrary to unconfirmed, and non-existent, rumors, I am not nominated in the category "Why Are These People Nominated, They Aren't in Television".

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Web, web, football halftime, web, web. Huh. But mostly yay.
I'd certainly like to see a Mutant Enemy win here for all sorts of reasons, but right now I'm just delighted for the nomination. Congrats to all involved.

And I, too, would love to see NPH make some reference to Dr. H during his MCing, although my guess is that any nod to his own work would likely go to HIMYM. They're still supplying him with a paycheck.
BTW, there's one techy nom for Nathan's Castle.
I will hopefully be a "field reporter" on Emmy night.
Cheers for Dr. Horrible!

So sad no Edward James Olmos or Michael Hogan... sigh.
This will go a long way toward getting DHSAB more exposure in the industry because I assume they have to send out screeners to all the voters? or at least send them the hulu url? And while I'd like to believe that all industry people already know about DHSAB, my more cynical side says that voters who only ever vote for shows that were previously voted for are not likely to be checking out the cutting edge of web programming.
So are we thinking that since NPH is hosting, he can cut a behind-the-scenes deal to make Dr. Horrible a winner?

Seriously, though, massive congratulations. This is wonderful.
Great news! Now a win, that would be awesome. I hope this category will be announced on the main show, rather than at the "awards that don't get aired on TV" ceremony. But I'm betting, probably not.

Since Alan Tyduk didn't get the nom he so richly deserves for best guest actor in a Drama Series, I'm rooting for Jimmy Smits on Dexter.
ETA: I don't think Alan would be eligible anyhow, don't all series nominees have to have started before the end of 2008??

The one moment that will make me tear out my hair and commit acts of violence involving some breakable object and a wall, will be if Michael Rhymer doesn't win for Best Director for Daybreak pt2.
The violence could escalate if he loses to the old and tired to the point of "should have died long ago", ER.

BSG has several technical nons: Sound Editing, Drama Series - Single-Camera Picture editing - Special Visual Effects and Sound Mixing. The only thing that would make me feel a little better about this show being left out in every category it should be recognized in (see The Portal awards nons), would be if they win five of their six nons (all but the .... you know, the Dr. Horrible one. ;)

And my own personal yay! to Whale Wars, nominated for Outstanding Cinematography for Non-Fiction Programming.

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Wow! Hmm... Well, I haven't seen the BSG thing (or the others), but DrH definitely deserves to win. ;)
I am thrilled it was nominated. But I believe it will not win, and not because it does not deserve it. I think the voters, all members of the business, will shy away from voting for something put together during the strike which demonstrates a new means of financing and producing quality broadcasting (of course, some might vote for it just because of that!)- it will worry the bigger powers in the game. So while it ought to win, it may not win- and I hope I am terribly wrong.

Outside of that, I was glad to see Gabriel Byrne, Dianne Iest and Hope Davis get noms for In Treatment, my latest love du jour. Though Alison Pill should have won the nod over Davis, in my estimation.
It was the best television show of the year. Even if it wasn't on television.

Thank you, Demon Writers & Sundry Artists & Lords and Ladies of Logistics, for busting the categories open.
Terrific news! I'm pullin' fer ya!

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