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July 16 2009

Harry Potter fan activism article gives nod to One True b!X and CSTS. Our b!X and the Can't Stop The Serenity screenings get mentioned about halfway down the article.

It's pretty thin for the front page (there you go, b!X) and may be going away. Neat to see, though.
Thin. Unlike my middle.
Figured it was good to spread the word while it lasts, zeitgeist.
As I recall, when b!X first conceived CSTS (Serenity Now/Equality Now) one of the goals was to change the way fans and fandom are portrayed in the media. To me, this article is proof of success in that it is completely about the good works being done by fan communities, and not about how geeky and strange we look in our costumes.
Awesome! Great job!!!!
Awesome! Wish I would have been able to make the local one here, but couldn't unfortunately. Hopefully next year?
I look geeky and strange without any costumes.

Well, strange anyway.

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Sarrava- Thanks for posting this.
I like being proud of my fandom.
The third picture included with the article (click on the arrows under the pic) is of last year's CSTS event in Memphis, TN.
Wow b!x, you're famous! (Or maybe more appropriately infamous!) Either way, its nice to be recognized for good things.

I'm so under-the-radar that I actually get "Navin Johnson" excited when the phonebook arrives...
The reporter is a really nice guy and it's cool to have CSTS linked with doing good and Harry Potter. Here's to more good works! And Whoot b!X!
Even though the CSTS mention is small, hopefully the popularity of Harry Potter and the current media hype around it will shine a fresh light on "Can't Stop the Serenity" and introduce it to a whole new audience that may not have heard of CSTS or Joss before. :D

Also, the Global Tally is now up on the CSTS Website! The tally currently sits at a little over $12,000 and will only include amounts confirmed as received by EN and other charities. We'll keep growing it as donations are confirmed!

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Wow b!X, CNN! Have you sold out? Will you still be speaking to us? ;)
Huh. I was at that screening last year, and I'm not in that picture. And I see a guy who was in a couple of my college classes last year... Double huh.

It's too bad we didn't have a screening this year. Maybe next year?
Yes, he has totally sold out. He will be at Comic Con signing (for a fee) copies of his book, "Screw You Guys, I'm Selling Out: The One True Story of the One True b!X".
@QuanticoMVP, there is a Can't Stop the Serenity Affiliate Event being held in Memphis on 21 August. :D
LOL @ zeitgeist. That's a book I'd pay for.
Every copy of the book comes with a free I Am A False b!X button.

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