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July 16 2009

Joss on Meebo. There's a whole lot of video here about Dollhouse, and aside from lots of Joss's beard there's also much mirthfulness fun awaiting.

These are neat. Are you saying Joss's beard is not mirthful?
LOL @ the first clip.
Beards are mostly serious, and always genuine.
So, for the people like me who would watch 3 videos and then happily close the tab, wait there is more! There is a subtle scroll bar to the left you can use to see all five.

Except it seems the "Season 2" video is currently a repeat of "Casting."
I go stircrazy when I notice little things like the "Season 2" clip being a repeat of "Casting." Makes me wonder what might be discussed in the clip I'm not seeing. But what's really got me curious is the last picture in the "Photos" section. Could it be from the unaired pilot?
Only if James Woods, or a James Woods lookalike, and apparently Billy Campbell were in the pilot.
The season two clip is being fixed. Try tomorrow.
The mysterious picture is not from Dollhouse.:)
I still say James Woods is just a programmed personality.
"We're gonna burn the thing. Not the sets because we will just have the broom closet." Hee!

And of course Joss would want to speak every language.
All 5 videos are working now. Thanks for the heads up, Sunfire.
"Leave now" ;-)
Season 2 sounds great and I can't wait for next week :D
Haha! He reminds me a bit of Andrew in the first vid.

I'd love to speak every language too, without having to sit in class for years and try and actually learn them. Also, super kung-fu skills - that would be nice!

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Could you be imprinted with an irresistible charm that would make women everywhere swoon?

Not that I'd... need that... obviously. It's for a friend, who I know, kind of. Passing acquaintance, really. Some guy. Not me. 'Cause you know, I'm, yeah. Totally cool around the ladies. Yes.

God I'm so lonely

Oh yeah, Dollhouse DVD. Yay. Season 2. Great.

(Seriously, I just hope the filthy customs agents don't snatch up my copy of the DVD and force me to pay horrendous extra fees. Is it my fault I don't want to wait for the Region 2 release in frickin' September? Well, yes. It kind of is. But I still don't want to get caught.)
Thanks for pointing out the scroll button Sunfire. I'd say it was too small but that would make me feel old! :-)

How can people sit there and film Joss without bursting out laughing?
Hm, what do I have to do to watch this? Register?

ETA: Hm, tried that, still a white screen.

[ edited by wiesengrund on 2009-07-17 15:34 ]
Thank you so much, Sunfire, for the scrolling tip - I would have totally missed those other videos!
wiesengrund, it's completely blank for me under Safari, but it comes up under Firefox, if that helps any.
I also want to thank Sunfire, I would have totally missed those other two videos, and they are all very funny (I can't wait for the return of Dollhouse!).
BTW I was watching on Safari with no problems.

[ edited by embers on 2009-07-17 17:51 ]
Weird. Safari here just renders a blank white page with Meebo header.
it worked for me on IE but only on my laptop
Works fine at home on Safari and here at work on Chrome.
Very odd. It refuses to work in Safari on my MacBook.
Joss is becaming a beaver!
Now it works with Safari (nothing on Firefox though), but I am still getting the "Casting"-rerun instead of Season 2.
*hugs Sunfire* Without that tip, I would have missed out.

Regarding the "fixed" video. I tried today, and that Season 2 clip is STILL the actors clip. Can we fix it again?
Regarding the "fixed" video. I tried today, and that Season 2 clip is STILL the actors clip. Can we fix it again?

Uhuh! Re-fixage is definitely needed here.

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