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"If you're done molesting the furniture, can we get these guys?"
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July 16 2009

Joss talks Emmy nomination. Great interview over at SCI FI Wire.

LOL. "I'd be doing it more, but Fox forgot to cancel my show."
OMG I didn't even realize we got an Emmy nod! (And yes, I realize I said "we" don't judge me)

Excellent post, Simon, thank you!

Gosh, crossing all fingers and toes. We know he most certainly deserves it. Oh, pretty please, may this one be the charm!
Yay, Joss interview! I miss Joss's wise and funny words. I am going through severe withdrawals symptoms for want of a joss-post in ages. oh well, that's what happens when you are a fan of someone who is so busy. They go creating and you sit waiting for a tit-bit about what they're creating....
LOL. "I'd be doing it more, but Fox forgot to cancel my show."

I second that b!X!
I think team W deserved a nod for music too, but oh well. It's still wonderful news.
A tit-bit? :O

But yay for a Joss interview. Gotta love reading the man's words. Always good for a grin.
Well, there isn't a category for "Outstanding Special Class - Original Score for Short-format Live-Action Entertainment Program".
The One True b!X,

I think that category is set for next year.
One can hope if this category was picked up this year, that soon others, like one for music will soon follow.
"It could be great, or it could be Arthur 2."

I love that man.

Dear Joss / Internet Whedon-army

I see 'more internet' and I see 'dollhouse busy busy' and together they make *BRING BACK HAZEL!!!*,
Everything screams new-mediafication of Dollhouse.. Fall marketing? make it actually public this time and then some. (I was gunning for an alternate reality initiative / something web based if the show wasn't saved this spring)..It was all such badass glorious setup and it seems like even this site barely knew about or who mandarin/cantonese speaking Foxtrot actually was.

Primetime TV + New Media + Postmodern assimilation of hyper enthusiastic fanbase- *and* a socially relevant zombie metaphor?
Thats some yum soup right there.
Dollhouse just seems perfect for audience participation (um esp now). And hey, then if the show ever gets canceled there's already a fallback verse-infastructure bonded to the interweb, not to mention a Felicia Day planted in the arc :)
Although last we heard, didn't Joss seem rather focused on, well, focusing on the show and not bogging himself down with ancillaries like that?

(Me, I'd be satisfied with the Hazel clips finding their way to someplace other than that damned site, which never properly worked for me, and so I've never been able to watch them all.)
it seems like even this site barely knew about

After the initial interest, I don't think anyone cared that much.
I truly am. And I have come to lead my people into the waters of unlimited creativity and wildly limited profit.

It amazes me how clearly I can hear Joss' voice in my head when I read his quotes. I really should get that checked out.

Nice interview, though all too short. Now it's time for me to make that appointment...
Why are we talking about a show with Shirley Booth as a maid?
I'd hate to have to type out a Joss interview, they are always full vocal or facial descriptions.

Fantastic interview, anyway! One of the highlights of the Emmy noms this year.
Am I too late to say Huzzah!? Well played Mr. Whedon, well played.
I heart this man. He makes sunshine in words. :)

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