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July 16 2009

Screen Junkie's Top 15 Magic Babes. Why is the woman in the Number One spot no surprise?

That list is seriously warped.

And how is that the TWO actual magic-users on the show didn't get mentioned?

Oh well. It was worth it just to see that outfit Xena had on. Holy Hannah in handcuffs!

And seeing pictures of Arwen/Liv Tyler is never a bad thing...
Their magical connections have a ... disconnected quality. Yep, slight oversight not to have the actual magic users from BtVS on there. I get the feeling the brief was "Magical Babes" but the thought process was "Who do I fancy ... that's even vaguely connected to magic ?".
Can't argue with anything that puts Buffy at #1, but it would be more accurate if they'd used "supernatural powers" instead of magic.
As is, leaving out Willow is unforgivable. But yay for the recognition for Kate Blanchet and Liv Tyler, for LoTR. Leaving either of them out, would have killed dead any credibility this list could lay claim to.
Stardust doesn't get enough acclaim, either, so good to see Claire Danes on the list. Ditto with the "No Willow?!" shock.
I assumed by the description in the link title here that it meant Willow.
Honestly, it surprised the Pete out of me - I was expecting Willow. Was anybody here not?

By coincidence, Liv Tyler appeared in my dream last night, in which her beauty suddenly hit me and I became pretty much enamoured. I've not really thought about her that way before, nor have I even seen her in anything in years - I have no idea where that dream came from.

It's actually quite a strange experience seeing her now that I'm awake.
I was also thinking Willow, both for the obvious reason that she's actually a witch, and for the fact that I personally am more attracted to smart and geeky girls than to fashionable cheerleaders.
What amazes me (beyond, y'know, the fact that they totally blew off Willow and Jeannie) is how many people thought "Allison" Hannigan should have been on the list. That's getting to be on a par with people who claim that "Zander" was their favorite character (and, just so this spelling rant won't be a totle waist...)
This seems to be strictly a downloadable file instead of an actual page . . . .
Well, it says "enchanting babes with supernatural powers", so I guess Buffy fits. At any rate, where do you draw the line? What makes Willow's powers "magical" and Buffy's powers not?
I personally believe this list is cringe-worthy and deserves the pre-requisite cringe tag.
This is a peculiar list. Even for "Hottest Women in A Category" lists. Which is saying something.
The source of Buffy powers is magic, so I guess she fits. Still, Willow could be there.
Actually, the No.1 spot is a surprise, considering Willow and Tara.
Buffy does what anyone else can do, but she does it better - she punches and kicks (hard), heals (quickly), shrugs off hits (better than other non-Mal people), etc; on the other hand, Willow's powers are learned, physics-defying in more ways than in magnitude, and activated by ritual incantation and herbal components. The distinction is still somewhat subjective, but the difference between them is consistent with that between, say, D&D's Fighter (with no spells, but some impressive physical feats) and Druid (with a very strong array of nature-based spells).
You could also quibble that Michelle Pfeiffer was the magical babe in Stardust, since Claire Danes was a star, and not a practitioner of magic. But I'm fine with Buffy being number one - they had only one person per movie/show and her powers come from magic, if magic be the source of supernatural powers (or vice versa.)

Jeannie should be there though. *blink*
It makes more sense to me for the women on a list of "magic babes" to actually use magic. Buffy is more the result of magic and even then not really since the source of her powers is, ultimately, a demonic essence - supernatural for sure but not really magic. It's pretty subjective though (I mean if Michelle Pfeiffer gets on for frikkin' 'Ladyhawke' ...) and technically she also uses magic in 'Primal' so as far as meaningless arbitrary lists go, sure, why not ?
I was expecting Willow, too. I don't think of either Xena or Gabrielle as using magic or being a magician (although they were frequently the victims of magic, or saved by other's use.)
If Xena was really the daughter of Ares she could be, at some level, magic.
Yeah, I also was expecting to see Willow (makes note to send Screen Junkies a BtVS DVD). Still, the chart did give me a few smiles with the flashback memories. Thanks!

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