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July 17 2009

'Once More With Feeling' screening in Houston this September. Amber Benson will be making an appearance at it. So that'll be a pretty cool event to go to.

That would be really nice. Outdoors at night. Maybe we could do something like that here in AZ.
Great! Discovery Green is a fine new park downtown, with Houston's skyscrapers providing a dramatic backdrop. Our usually hot summer has been extra hot, but nights should be bearable by then.

I like the mention of an alternate location in case of "rain, heavy winds, etc." Yes, it will be hurricane season--but we got hit last year. Surely, we're not due again...
I will keep my fingers crossed it passes you by.
I'm thinkin' ROAD TRIP! It's less than three hours away from me, very tempting.
Thanks for posting this, Simon.

Wm54 We have a special discount hotel rate for the event for out of towners. Come on down!

not_Bridget no hurricanes allowed.
not_Bridget, we better not be due again.

Cool! It was nice to see Amber the last time she came to town for her movie. So I'm looking forward to the OMWF event.
I am very excited. I wonder if the reception is adults only since there will be drinks? My daughter will be crushed if she has to miss it.

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