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July 17 2009

(SPOILER) Georges Jeanty's cover for S8 #29 up on Dark Horse site. Georges' homage cover revealed! It's rather hysterical (take that any way you want to).

Why does everyone have guns? :(
Because the other side has guns and are shooting at them?

Just driving it home that Buffy isn't fighting demons anymore, but humanity also.
Sgt. Harris and his Howling Slayer Commandos!
You can't bring a stake to a gun party!
I knew that cover looked really familiar.
It drove me nuts for about 30 seconds til it came to me.
So neither Willow nor Dawn is on that cover...
Are you sure? I see Xander, Buffy, 3 other women, and a guy--Andrew? And a wolf who is presumably Oz, but I would be hard pressed to say that one of the women ISN'T Dawn.
Sure, standard Jeanty disclaimers apply, but neither of them look even remotely like Dawn IMO. I'm guessing Rowena, Faith, Kennedy, Satsu, Buffy.

ETA: Though sure, the one on the left could be Andrew too.

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I have so much love for this cover. So. Much. Love.
Well, Dawn is usually not in the thick of the fighting, and I find it hard to imagine Willow with a gun--so their absence makes sense to me. I think beergood has the identities right (the one on the left looks much more like Rowena than Andrew to me).
love the cover. but cannot get "these things? never helpful!" out of my mind. hope it is significant that Buffy appears to be sticking to her axe instead.
I found it very hard to tell Faith and Kennedy apart in 'Retreat' Part 1, so I'm guessing they're the two long-haired women. Faith on the left, Kennedy on the right, going mostly by the colour of their hair (Kennedy's is darker), and possibly a slightly darker skin tone (Faith has paler skin). Though it's not impossible that the one on the left is Dawn, and Faith's on the right...

That's definitely Rowena, not Andrew, though. And you can tell Satsu by her hairstyle.
Didn't the solicitation for this issue put an emphasis on calling Buffy the slayer? I think it's pretty significant she's the only girl to be carrying a traditional slayer weapon, the slayer weapon. Maybe she's the only one left with slayer abilities?

I love that they're shown wielding guns. It really drives home the fact that this is a war (at least in this issue) between humans. It's also a very nifty way to show that they're not slayers anymore when you think back to what Andrew said in the first arc of season 8 "no slayer uses a gun, ever. End of talk, good talk."
We never actually saw Giles and Faith as Steed and Peel either, so I'm calling funny shenanigans on this refelcting the events inside the issue.
Interesting concept, but really bad execution. I miss when Jeanty's covers looked like they did in the past. His #1, #11, #16 are all beautiful... but lately, I don't know.
It's an homage cover, they have guns because the source of the reference would have guns. I can prescribe something if those knees keep jerking, however :) (yes, that was a joke)
Hurrah. A literally howling commando there.
Yeah, considering how modern the rest of Buffy's equipment is, I seriously doubt that she would have ended up with a few crates of WWII-issue Thompson SMGs (not that that would be a bad thing, just not likely...)
Okay, I'm lost. What's this an homage to?
"Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos"

ETA: Sgt. Fury later became "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.", with the eyepatch.

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The reason for the homage is that early on, Xander insists that people either call him by his first name or as 'Sgt. Fury', since he likes Nick Fury more during his Howling Commando days. I for one think it is awesome.

I really like this one, a lot more than the other Jeanty covers. But I always buy the Chen covers, though it seems that that issue doesn't get a Chen cover. So maybe I will get this cover. :shrugs:
Oh man, that's awesome.
Gotta be the worst cover so far. The art is fine, but the concept? It's not Buffy like at all.
I like it. But I prefer Georges' covers most of the time, especially his homages. Not that Jo's art isn't gorgeous, I just dig the quirkier take on the characters.
Nice reference to St. Fury there, but I'm of an older generation. This cover brings fonder memories of Sergeant Rock.

As I remember, Buffy's aversion to guns may have started when Darla tried to kill her in Season 1, and Faith using a pistol to shoot Angel didn't work out too well for her. But if this is an indication that Willow may be lifting the "Chosen" spell and other magicks, the ex-slayers may have to resort to weapons to defend themselves

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