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July 18 2009

Top 7 Sexiest Women of Fantasy. The Torch has a list of the seven sexiest women in Fantasy. Check out which slayer is on this list as well.

That's not Faith! That's Echo!
Yep, i'd recognise those special safe-cracking trousers anywhere.
Now Faith Vs Selene, that would be a fight I'd like to see....
Echo...Faith...*shrugs* any excuse where someone is obligated to put up an Eliza in leather pic is ok with me.

yay for shallowness.
Hmm. I disapprove, and not just because they mislabel Echo in 'comfy shoes' and leather trousers as Faith. If you include Leia, certainly other sci-fi media are fair game, in which case this list is obviously lacking (Cameron, Number 8, Number 6, etc.)
...Seven of Nine...

No, seriously, though, maybe they're using the idea, asserted by George Lucas among others, I believe, that Star Wars is space opera/space fantasy rather than science fiction as their excuse for sneaking Leia in?
Well I don't buy Star Wars as a fantasy. Space Opera, of course. But just because Borders and Barnes and Noble put SciFi and Fantasy together, doesn't mean that there isn't a difference. And while Star Wars is very light of the 'Sci', it is still belongs more in the category with BSG and Firefly than LOTR.
Hey - Faith may have been more violent and sexier, but she was never funnier than Buffy! And yeah, like they couldn't find an awesome picture of Faith in leather? Faith cracking a safe is just... silly.

I guess I wouldn't have thought of Star Wars as fantasy exactly either (although if "space fantasy" is a genre, then sure), but I'm still happy to see Leia on the list. A double-feature of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back was the first thing I ever saw in the theater. I was four and my dad said I sat there the whole time with my mouth wide open and begged to see the second movie. I actually don't remember that first viewing so well, except that I wanted to be Princess Leia for years afterwards. She was the hero of the story as far as I was concerned. Luke was too whiny and Han was too smarmy (I thought at the time... it wasn't 'til later that I learned to appreciate Harrison Ford). But Leia was a brave, badass revolutionary with crazy hair and I loved her.
No list that excludes SMG from 'Sexiest Women of Fantasy' could be reasonably interpreted as legit. It's bogus I tell you!
Princess Leia was definitely a cheat. George Lucas may have created Star Wars, but if it walks like a duck .... Star Wars was SciFi, that's a no-brainer.
Also gotta say I'm not thrilled with the inclusion of anorexic ice queen Keira Knightly. If, as the description states, "being overtly sexual doesn't necessarily make one sexy", then a much better choice would have been Liv Tyler's gorgeous Arwen.
I would leave Selene off by reason that she has all the personality of a cardboard box.

The aforementioned Arwen, Cameron, Number 6, all deserve to be on there.

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Faith was sexier than Buffy in the same way that salsa is better than ice cream. Some days you want one, some days you want the other, they don't always combine well (slash hopes notwithstanding... I once saw but did not read a Faith/Buffy fanfic called "Plot? What Plot?"), but why on earth would you call either one bad?
To each there own, but I always found Eliza more attractive than SMG. I've never really liked these sort of 'ranking' things, but it is not surprising that some folks find one person or another more attractive. I don't expect others to agree with me though... well except for the gorgeousness that is Summer Glau.
Yes, it's always a matter of taste. While I do think SMG is pretty, I would most definitely rank her clearly below any of the women on this list.

Maybe even below the "fake #1". :)

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