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July 18 2009

Happy Birthday, Jed Whedon! One year ago, Jed Whedon celebrated his birthday by posting Act III of Dr. Horrible. This year I hope he took the day off.

Jed, as I struggle through "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory" and attempt to coax note-like sounds from my bottom-of-the-line keyboard/controller, I ponder your masterful composing, scoring and playing of all the instruments on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and quietly curse you out in old-school Viennese style. (Think Salieri.) Rock on, young Whedon, rock on.
Wow we almost missed this important Bday! Whedonesque really should make sure we know when ALL the most important Whedony birthdays are happening!
Anyway, a VERY Happy to Jed!
Habby birthday, Jed! May the next year be as horribly awesome as this one!

*groans at self*
Happy birthday - you rock my socks!
Yay! Happy Birthday! Hope to be listening to more of your sounds soon :)
Happy birthday! Just watched Dr. Horrible in honor :)
Wow. I can't believe it's been a year since Dr.H was released. crazy.
It's Vin Diesel's birthday today too. So, you all know what that means.

Jed is Vin Diesel.

I know, right!?
Happy Birthday, Jed! :D

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Happy Birthday, Jed!
Happy birthday, Vin! :O Er, I mean, Jed! (Don't worry, I'll keep your secret :)
Happy Birthday!!
Wow, it's been a year already? Jed, thank you so much in getting Dr. Horrible out to the people, think you showed a course of change in our entertainment viewing habits (read internet). Wonderful job!

Wishing you an extra special Birthday, please enjoy and have some fun:)
This year I hope he took the day off.

Screw that, where's my "Doctor Horrible II: Professor Horribler" ?!?

I jest o' course, put yer feet up, let your hair down, take a load off plus etc. Happy birthday Mr Jed Whedon esq., have a corker and make it be just one in a long line of corkers extending well into the future. And remember, if you remember this advice during your celebrations then you're not doing it right ;).
Mr. Zack posted a picture of the celebration on twitter. :)
Damn. I'm late. Hope you had a fantastic day, Jed.

Now get back to work on the D-House!
Happy (Belated) Birthday, Jed!
Talking 'bout the midnight grilled cheese. A key to marital happiness, by the by.
Happy birthday mate! Coincidentally I introduced some friends to a certain horrible doctor last night, and now it all seems so appropriate.
Wait yesterday was Kristen Bell's birthday too! So is Vin Diesel really Veronica Mars?!
It'd explain that whole subplot where we find out Veronica's an alien warrior that can see in the dark.

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