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July 19 2009

Bad boy Spike. Rating of the top 20 'bad boys' of TV includes Spike.

Wow, he made second rank in that list, even! That's our boy!
Ooh, they have my original tv-boyfriend, Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210, there too! I am not ashamed to admit that the only reason why I originally watched the Buffy movie was that it had Luke Perry in it :D
What an odd description of the plot of "Veronica Mars".
Curses, yet once again I didn't make the list. I guess I'll have to try harder the rest of the year.

To quote the most famous Robert the Bruce, "If at first one doesn't succeed, try and try again. . ."
That is one lethally sexy picture for sure!
yeah they got the plot of veronica mars wrong. how awkward.
Well, not entirely. He DID accuse Logan's dad... just not until the S1 finale.
Yay Spikey! Nice to see the characters still appreciated after all this time. *g*
Stringer Bell, too. Oh, yeah.
To misquote Mae West: When he was good, he was very, very good.
And when he was bad, he was better.

Yay, for the bestest Big Bad ever!
For the top two may i just say... YUM

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