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July 20 2009

"Remains" (the song at the end of 'Epitaph One') available at For $0.99 you can get Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon awesomeness in mp3 format. It's also available at

Wow, that was Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon? Loved that song, beautiful
Just downloaded it, loved it. If your not in US though the link wont download for you, you need to do it via you own amazon i.e. amazon uk.
Ack! It's not available on Amazon Canada. :(

Alas, it looks like I'll need to just keep rewatching Epitaph One (all of it, of course) when I want to hear the song. Rats!
Downloaded, gorgeous.
It looks like Amazon UK has it here. has it here, but it says there's a regional restriction. Doesn't work. :(
I just checked the UK download after wiesengrund's comment - downloaded without problem and I'm able to listen to the file. Shame it's not the same case for Canada/Germany!
I know what I'll be listening to all day, and the day just started. :D

ETA: Favorite line:

Shine light on me
Your image reflected is all you’ll ever see

Very Dollhouse. (ETA: And pretty "Stage Fright," which still strikes me as rich and themy.)

ETA: I think there's something going on rhythmically under what sounds at first like a simple piano ballad (if that's the right term) like a distant memory of hip-hop accents. Neat present-as-the-future's-past vibe, if I'm not imagining it (and if hip hop still counts as present -- I haven't kept up with how I haven't kept up).

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I'm in Austria for the rest of the summer, and none of the three options work... Sadness. Let's hope iTunes gets it, too! They judge by your billing address.
Beautiful song. I'm so glad it's available in the UK, I installed Amazon's software just to get this.
Did everyone else know that there's a whole film score by Jed up on iTunes, for a movie called Suspension? May have to check that out, when I get home from work.
That's weird. Maurissa just tweeted yesterday that this would not be released until after Comic-Con.
I just downloaded it from using wiesengrund's link and it works just fine…
And she just tweeted they must have fast tracked it.
@Simon - sorry, I just now saw that you are not supposed to link your own work! Won't do that again. :)

Love the song! got some MJ and some M & J on my regular rotation now.
"Remains" should be available on iTunes and internationally soon, to answer some of your questions. Word to all of your mothers.

If only I knew what soon meant!
soon = Period of time that hard core fans can't stand for.

Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. Wait for a Joss' news for a minute, and it seems like an hour.

Albert Einstein on Relativity
It's so lovely. I have it on repeat. I want a whole album of Maurissa & Jed music!
It's so lovely. I have it on repeat. I want a whole album of Maurissa & Jed music!

Seconded. Is there anything the Whedon family isn't capable of? I'm sure Maurissa and Jed could make a wonderful album.

/plus, for some reason, their old YouTube video about food keeps going around in my head too
Speaking of said video, notice the label given for the "Remains" release is Nervous Circus.
Well, it took a dozen or so listens, but I avoided the "hauntingly beautiful" trap.

I think it's beautifully haunted.
It sounds pretty lovely and I've generally dug their choice of music for montages as a whole. That Beck/"Eternal Sunshine" one seeming particularly clever...

I'm pretty curious why they wrote their own song though. They couldn't find anything thematically resonant enough? Is it since this was budgeted on the cheap so they couldn't afford something else? If this is one trade-off for a cheaper second season I'd be okay with it. (And with any luck if it happened enough this would mean a soundtrack release?)
This song is gorgeous. Fingers crossed for a Maurissa/Jed album at some point!

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