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July 20 2009

Maurissa Tancharoen at Mortified. There are actually two YouTube videos here, and she is very funny.

I could keep writing tags for this all day! She is SO funny!

Wow, REALLY funny stuff. Definitely worth the time to
watch both vids.
These are hilarious!
Lupus is LAME.

Ha, very funny stuff.
I saw this performance, and I can attest to Ms. Tancharoen's skill and humor as both writer and performer. Also on stage that evening: Amber Benson and Adam Busch in a play written at age 17 by a playwright whose name now absolutely escapes me, but it was very funny -- Mr. Busch as an angst-ridden, inebriated high school student and Ms. Benson as the startled recipient of his two A.M. visit (to talk). Whedonpalooza in the audience: Tom Lenk, Felicia Day, Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjocaj (which, I finally learned, is pronounced "gJoe-KAI"). If you count Whedonverse by association, also in the audience was Adam Busch's Common Rotation bandmate Eric Kufs. Other Whedon people may very likely have been present, but it was very full inside (the space is a bar with a stage, so about half the people were standing), so once I reached my stance (as opposed to a seat), I could see only part of the stage and the people immediately around me. But anyway, Ms. Tancharoen was great -- never knew before about her Pretty in Pink adventures!

*Meaning: Here are the makings of one-woman show.
Here's the whole Pretty in Pink music video (except the hilarious beginning, sadly)... she's right, she wasn't in it much :(
That was so funny. She has balls of steel. If that was my diary I would have burnt it and never admitted to its existence. To actually stand up on stage and read it out to an audience and take a huge laugh at herself is not just enormously entertaining, it's really endearing.
Hey Di-di

That was very laugh out loud worthy.
not just enormously entertaining, it's really endearing.

Yep. That about sums it up.

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