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July 20 2009

J. Scott Campbell Dr. Horrible sketch. J. Scott Campbell, artist on comics such as Gen13 and Danger Girl, does an awesome sketch of Dr. Horrible.

Not exactly news, but wanted to share it with the group, so I put this under Fandom.

I'll be seeing him at WizardWorld Chicago in August.
I'm definitely going to see if he can whip up a Dr. Horrible sketch. :)
I met him last year at Wizard World Kayleefan. He was very nice. I asked him for a sketch and he said as long as there was nobody else waiting, he'd be happy to do it. So he did a quick 2 minute preliminary Mary Jane Watson sketch. Awesome. I wouldn't expect anything as fancy as that Dr. H sketch--awesome!!! (I'll bet that took him a hell of a lot longer than 2 minutes)

The linked sketch reminds me a bit of that panel in The Killing Joke.

(If I can get my camera working tonight, I'll post a pic of my Campbell sketch to flickr for you guys.)
Yeah, good call alexreager, it's got a similar vibe (though I think Joker's laugh is pretty much there, he probably doesn't need to work on it much anymore).

Very nice bit of work that, I do like seeing slightly different styles and takes on the Whedon characters, thanks for the link (and thanks to Mr Campbell for the actual sketch too of course ;).

Whenever I see sketches like that it reminds me of an old friend that used to draw - he absolutely hated drawing feet so he had hundreds of sketches which ended at the knee or where the characters were standing behind crates or something ;).
Awesome sketch, I hope Joss gets to see that one.

On a completely off topic note, I watched Sunday's ep of TopGear today and Jeremy Clarkson described the interior of a Jag he was viewing as something like:

"so geeky you expect the sat nav to be voiced by Buffy".

Hee. :) Even Clarkson (or perhaps his script writers) know Buffy!

Just wanted to put that out somewhere on Whedonesque....
Can't find the link at the moment but a fair while back I stumbled on a site (maybe linked on here ?) with a downloadable satnav voice that's billed as Buffy (I think it was an impression of SMG but I guess they might've compiled it from the show ? I mean at some point Buffy must've said "Right turn" or "Bear left" - or at least "Bear" and "left". There's a bear in 'Pangs', right ? ;).

I do love it when geeky shout-outs pop up in unexpected places like that.
If I'm thinking of the same thing, Saje, that site was widely mocked on here for its hilariously bad voice impersonations.
Wow, he looks more evil that way than in real life. Even Bad Horse would gallop away from that
Bluey, one time I put Top Gear on and they were driving around a mountain to the Rob Duncan overture from "Chosen".

By the way, J Scott Campbell used to draw covers for the Buffy comics (when he wasn't procrastinating his way around his work on Danger Girl...).
Several years ago I posted a link on Whedonesque to a sat-nav site that had a Buffy voice. Some of their impersonations were good, some were terrible.

I believe Jeremy writes all his own scripts. And remember, Buffy was very big here. On a much bigger network (relatively) to The WB.
That's cool re Chosen daylight.

I like geeky references too, Saje because it makes me feel both part of something and smart when I pick up on it! (And if I don't, well I am usually none the wiser). ;)

Does anyone know how big Buffy was in Australia? I remember people at my residential college during Uni watching it quite enthusiastically but I am ashamed to admit I was originally turned off by the title and came across its wonderousness after it had aired.

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