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July 20 2009

Promo Stills for SMG's "Veronika Decides to Die". Believe the film will be opening next month in Brazil.

I am so, so excited about this movie.

Also, Sarah is beautiful (and yay for Jonathan Tucker!).
She looks absolutely stunning in every one of them frames.
Is it just me, or has this movie been in post-production for like 3 years?
Ooo, I was getting flashbacks to Surprise when I saw her in that dress. Her hair is almost the same length as well. She looks great and judging by the trailer the film doesn’t look half bad either. I might just check this one out.
... and Kuzui wants to cast someone else as Buffy?
She looks amazing as always.
She does look lovely, but the promo pics make it seem like the movie's tagline should be: "Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar look sad and pensive for two hours!"
If you know what the novel (and film) are about, it shouldn't be surprising Sarah looks sad or pensive in most of the stills, Morrydwen.
Judging purely by the title, it's not surprising. But I would wager they could've given a few shots that were a little more interesting.
Well, nobody can look sad and pensive like SMG!
If anyone can carry that kind of emotional part and make it look real, it's her.
*sigh* I really want this movie to be released in the U.S soon. I've been waiting for what seems like forever. Hopefully it goes over well in Brazil. :D
Wow. As everyone has said, she looks amazing. Really looking forward to this film, though doubt it'll end up in a cinema near me.
Can't wait to see this movie. Wait I will though (it seems).

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