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"A vampire in love with a slayer. It's rather a maudlin sort of way."
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July 20 2009

Why The Ladies Love Vampires. Article discusses recent increase in vampire fandom and the attraction that vampires seem to have, especially for women. Buffy nod on second page.

Interesting :) I think there are some good points here--although I'm not sure about the point about the economy lol.
I know! I thought that was a bit of a stretch too... but overall, an entertaining read. ;)
Exactly ;). It was quite entertaining. I do wish there had been a little more Buffy and less least Buffy was mentioned :)
Why the ladies love vampires? "Paging Dr. Freud."
I didn't mind the Buffy/Twilight ratio only because Twilight's still actively being made into mainstream projects. Can't stand it, but there it is.

What got me was this statement:

"She's been a fan of all things vampire since she was a teenage Buffy fan. She's since graduated to Twilight..."

I don't even know how to convey how wrong that statement is.
"She's been a fan of all things vampire since she was a teenage Buffy fan. She's since graduated to Twilight..."
Yeah, I was going to post about how disturbing that sentence was but I didn't want to come off as combative.
How about this: it's like graduating with baccalaureate honors from Princeton, but getting one's master's degree from a mail order diploma mill. It's not terribly satisfying and definitely not very impressive.

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This lady loves the way Spike and Angel were written. Their characters rich, infused with all manner of angst and dramatic flair... all the others IMHO can go fly a big red kite.
It's not vampires I love.. it's A vampire. A blond one. :)
"She's been a fan of all things vampire since she was a teenage Buffy fan. She's since graduated to Twilight..."

I was going to say how disturbing that sentence was too. How can you 'graduate' to Twilight? If anything it should be the other way around!
Peanut Noir, I think you summed it up perfectly! lol!

I was just kind of appalled when I was reading it the first time. I kept reading figuring there had to be some mention of Buffy/Angel in an article on the appeal of vampires, but after reading the first page I was starting to assume they were totally going to skip them! Thankfully they saved themselves, barely... :)
"She had to cut a scene from a book in which Sookie Stackhouse, the intrepid telepathic waitress, used a calculator to try to determine the number of people her vamp lover, Bill, had killed before he "mainstreamed" with humans. "It was a funny scene, and an awful scene, and I could see Sookie doing that," says Harris with a laugh. "But I understood that it was really going to be hard to see Bill as an attractive character after Sookie tallied six figures or something."

Angel was always talking about how many people he had killed and only one vampire is hotter than Angel, Spike my Blondie Bear and he does not need to sparkle.
Is it just me, or did the article miss a lot of metaphor?

It spent a lot of time talking about how inexorably linked vampires are with sex, but ignored that vampirism itself is a means of taking "sex" out of reproduction. There's such a richness to explore and so many ways to challenge our intuitions and learn about ourselves by tackling the metaphor and the whole "defamiliarizing the familiar" or whatever you want to call it.

It seems to me that there's a lot more to vampire mythology and their popularity than boiling it down to "vampires are hot so girls want to have sex with them."

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