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July 20 2009

Trailer for Olivia Williams' new film, "An Education." Available over at for your viewing pleasure.

Olivia's not in much of it, but she's sporting some killer specs, so it's worth a look-see.

I just watched the trailer and it's already in my "must-see" movie list for the year.
It was interesting watching the two posted trailers today -- one for Olivia and the other for Eliza. My reaction to Olivia's trailer was, "Wow, that's an interesting character who is completely different from what Olivia plays in Dollhouse." My reaction to Eliza's trailer was, "Look, there's Eliza."
SteveP, isn't that sort of why Joss wanted to do Dollhouse with Eliza?

How much he succeeded in that so far, is open for debate, I would suggest.
fmwt, yes I agree with you on both points.
This film is amazing, by the way.
So excited for this. Nick Hornby, Carey Mulligan, Peter Sarsgaard, Olivia Williams, 60s setting, rave reviews. Sign me up.
Lovely! Peter Saaaaaaaarsgaaaaard! (say in pirate voice)
That was a beautiful trailer.

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