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July 20 2009

SDCC: Buffy Zone Update. On the eve of Comic Con, Scott Allie gives his latest Buffy Zone update.

I changed this to go to the permalink. Had Dark Horse mentioned a 2-page Espenson/Moline comic for DHP #25 before? Happy news to me anyway.
The Espenson/Moline MDHP is definitely of the new. Looking forward to all the Joss news in the upcoming days.
I wonder, since he says no "major" Joss announcement, what's considered major and what isn't. Presumably the small bits Scott mentioned at Portland CSTS will be discussed. If they're doing anything with Cabin (which I think they've been discussing), would an announcement on that be "major" or not?

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We might hear more about that Animated series that Fox "has in the works." Allie confirmed that much in the last Slayalive Q/A so maybe Joss will speak more about it.
ooo goody! that's great news.

I really like Moline's illustrations, particularly for Fray (as opposed to his arc in Buffy). They were the first time I really felt a comic come alive for me, I got a real sense of drama and movement. This was definitely helped by the story of course, but I haven't had the same experience with the buffy comics yet.
I really hope/wish we can get a TPB collection of all these Buffy/Firefly/Horrible comics that are being done - it's gonna be madness trying to track them down otherwise.
MattManic7325 - You could just buy the Dark Horse Presents TPBs. Though I suppose those might have more than you want.
MattManic, Scott Allie has mentioned before that the Buffy short stories will eventually be collected in Buffy TPBs, just not right away. First they will see print with the Dark Horse Presents TPBs but eventually they will make it into the Buffy TPBs. An all Whedon related short story trade would be good, but because the Buffy and Serenity stories have elsewhere to go I don't think it will happen. Unfortunately, that could mean that the Dr. Horrible comics won't be collected anywhere beyond Dark Horse Presents TPBs as there isn't enough material just yet to put all the Dr. Horrible comics together.
Nice! We're proud to announce we'll have the first post-Dark Horse panel interview with Scott Allie up on Buffyfest just after 11 am pst on Saturday! We'll be talking to Scott in detail about all the Comic Con announcements.
Looks like there's going to be a oneshot collecting the Dr. Horrible shorts, same as with the Sugarshock oneshot.

And a Buffy oneshot with Willow on the cover? Almost forgot, but Scott Allie already mentioned that one.

(From information on the Previews website only the real obsessive comic book readers will have found yet.)

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Niels: Link?
Thanks. :)

That Willow cover is done by Karl Moline.

Wow, some pretty cool IDW stuff too.

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Well, I was really hoping to get another Jo Chen cover on the Willow one-shot, but, oh well. Still looking forward to it. I couldn't find it listed in that order form, though - anyone know what month it's due out?

ETA: Wait a minute, though - is this an unnumbered one-shot like "Tales of the Vampires", or issue 29?

E again TA: It's not 29, duh. Don't know what the hell I was thinking.

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I cant wait to get my hands on one of those dark horse promotional cloth buffy it Thursday yet?

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