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October 01 2003

'Smallville'/'Angel' Premiere Party Tonight at The Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles. Some or all of the castmembers from 'Angel,' Kristen Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum from 'Smallville', and castmembers from other WB series are reportedly attending this event.

"You're invited to the Smallville / Angel Season Premiere Party! Wednesday October 1, 4pm to 11pm, The Grove in Los Angeles, West 3rd St. / South Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036"

"If you can't make it to The Grove watch the party live throughout the night on KTLA-TV, Channel 5 and on"

BTW, I forgot to mention that I'll have VIP access to this event, so it should be fun. :)
Well, you lucky son-of-a-something-or-other! I'm green with envy. If I didn't have have to work until 5pm or fight through hours of LA traffic I'd so be there. Have a great time, Oddjob, and report back, I want all the wonderful details. =)
Wait, does this constitute a self-link?


Don't mind me, I'm just jealous. Have fun and bring us all the dishy details; there'll be some sort of thread you can post them in.
Nah, no self-linking from me (I don't work for Tribune, KTLA, The LA Times, or any other people who are affiliated with this event). But I'll be sure to post a report in either this thread or the forthcoming post linking to Wireimage's photos from the event (which will no doubt happen tonight or tomorrow).

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But is this really accesible for anyone who bothers to go there? I mean I'd think this would be invitation only but the site pretty much says it as a general statement to the world right?
Probably need to wear the right stuff or the bouncers kick you down the street, hehe.
You're right, the VIP area isn't accessible to the general public. Just the celebrities, their reps, Tribune employees, KIIS-FM employees, and the like. The general public is only able to stand around in the courtyard around the stage and the restaurant to see the celebs.

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