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July 21 2009

"Open Graves" starring Eliza Dushku scores a SyFy debut. The independent horror film (seeking distribution since 2006) "Open Graves" co-starring our very own doll herself will premiere on SyFy on September 9, 2009. Check out a promo trailer for the film at this link.

There is not much Sci-Fi on SyFy "Open Graves", "Children of the Corn", "Destination Truth", "Sanctuary", "Scare Tactics" & "Ghost Hunters". Maybe they should rename SyFy to HoRo.

All kidding aside, good Eliza (I think?).
Historically speaking, is a premiere on Sci-Fi* really good? I mean, not to knock the national premiere of a movie**, which is always a big deal no matter what, but most of the films they air are pretty lousy. Granted, it's not a Sci-Fi Channel original, which is really scraping the underside of the bottom of the barrel. But still, it makes one worry. Good on Eliza, though, I suppose.

* I refuse to spell it the way they're spelling it now. Sci-Fi is classic. [That other way] looks like what would happen if a dyslexic and retarded teenager tried to spell "fish."

** After all, none of MY movies has ever premiered nationally. Then again, I would probably have to be IN a movie first...that might help...
I'll note Amber Benson was not particularly proud of the made for Sci-Fi movie she appeared in. When asked why she took the role, she said something akin to "actors gotta eat."

That said, the badness of "Gryphon" doesn't mean this movie will be a stinker. It could have no bearing whatsoever. On the other hand, the movie could make about as much sense as renaming the "Sci-Fi" channel to "Syfy".

I might give it ten minutes and see if it pulls me in.
Yes from the video, I also will give it 10 minutes, and that may be a stretch. Not much I watch on Sci-Fi any longer although I do like Sanctuary.
I'm not a great fan of the SyFy channel, but Warehouse 13 and Caprica could be good.
About the name, they could try a Portuguese fonetic version: SaiFai. Equally bad.

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