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July 21 2009

Associated Press discusses urban fantasy and Amber Benson's new novel. The AP has an article about "urban fantasy" and the supernatural romance. They talk briefly with Amber about her novel and the appeal of the genre.

Pity Amber didn't have more space in the article. Her interviews, without any exceptions that I have seen, are thoughtful and at least one step deeper than the average. And I know whose space she could have taken...I could have done without that bit from the author who drew the banal comparison between vampires and teenagers. Yeah, now we know you've read "Danse Macabre" just like the rest of us. And they're "super-sexy," too, only without that pesky emphasis on "evil". Sigh.
Good article.

Is Amber's book out?

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I switched this to a Yahoo! News link since they're hosting the AP article in a more user-friendly format. I read the Post's Express on the morning train and I've noticed some Whedon-relevant articles in there in the past. But their website is more or less impossible. They mostly print AP articles though, so you can usually find them elsewhere.

Not a bad article for what it is. Nice to see Buffy's influence on the genre as a "middle ground" heroine got a mention.
The only thing that bothers me a wee bit about Ambers book is that it sounds very much like Terry Pratchets deaths daughter in Soul Music for example.

Has anyone read both T.P. and Ambers book? If so are the similarities big enough to bother?
Sunfire, you know when Whedonesque creeps into your daily activities when you find yourself sitting on the yellow line, reading the Express, and upon seeing an article mention Amber Benson, immediately wonder how long it'll be before an electronic version hits Whedonesque.

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