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July 21 2009

Programadas para el perigo: Dollhouse gets a premiere date in Latin America next week (excluding Brazil). It will premiere on CanalFX on July 28th at 10pm. The link is to theme site which includes the trailer, show on tv in recent weeks. Premiere date in Brazil is August 13th, also at 10pm.

The link is to the theme site in Spanish for most of the Latin American countries, if you want to check the Brazilian theme site you can find it here, which is still needing several translations for Portuguese and update on Premiere Date for Brazil.

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Oh wow. I was totally unprepared for those pictures.
If you go here and use the series dropdown, you'll see it starts in Brazil on August 13.
Peligro. Not perigo. Just mentioning it, no offense. My english is not to be proud about, really, so...

Anyway, funny thing. Programmed for danger. They are using the femenine plural, refering only to women. Wich is incredibly unacurate. Also.. for danger? Its a bit... dunno. Exclusive. Would it have been so dificult to translate it as Casa de Muņecas (also femenine, but male is inclusive) wich means, well... Dollhouse?

Translation... such a wild, mad world. I wrote my doctorate years ago about my theory that Alice followed the Rabbit not to Wonderland, but to translation land...
B!x you're awesome. Updated post with appropriate date.
Hmm. Looks photoshopped to me. Her head's a tad too big, methinks.
Um. How could it be anything other than photoshopped? Do you think Eliza has a life-sized doll body she can put her head on, it's just that this doesn't happen to be it?

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