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July 21 2009

Jane Espenson, The Plan, Caprica, Dollhouse. The Flick Cast talks to Jane about, well, those things. Dollhouse bits at the end, mostly about smaller budgets in television.

Yay! Can't wait to meet Jane later this week at ComicCon.
I love Jane. Love love love. I would love to sit down with her for a meal and just have crazy ass conversations for a few hours.
Can someone remind me why Jane isn't attached to Warehouse 13 anymore? Is it just because of overwhelming time commitments to Caprica?
Agreed Mort.

Honestly, I just want to meet her keyboard and ask him* what it's like to have Jane use him for her writing.

*Yes, I believe her keyboard is a male. I've codenamed him Flamingo. Mingo, for short.
In a way, the central metaphor of Dollhouse is sock poppets. That and spiritual rebirth.
After season seven, Pointy, I await your book on the series, "Sock Puppets and Spiritual Rebirth in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse".
You got to love Jane! Does anyone know which direction she's leaning, whether towards "Dollhouse' or "Caprica"? For myself, I feel her best place is with "Dollhouse". She and Joss are so perfect with their stories.
When it comes to writing and giving good commentaries she's second only to Joss him self. Got to love her. To bad she dosnt do her bloggy thingy any more.
There is no leaning. She's running Caprica right now.
She's microblogging on twitter tho. She'll throw snippets of how "not to constuct a scene." My favorite so far was the following observation.

Paraphrasing from memory...
"It's ok to give a character a meaningful name. However, Pandora Fulcrum would be too far. Oddly, Hope Lever is better."
Heh, heh! Yeah, that figures, seems I've been off on my guesses lately. Really must think about trading in this crystal ball of mine, perhaps this one has expired? Isn't that ironic.
If any writer deserves to work with both Joss and Ron Moore, it's Jane.
Serious envy here, for all those going to CoimicCon (and I'm not even into comics). ;)
Jane should stay in Caprica? The Plan. Joss an his team are already doing a great work in Dollhouse, while the other two shows are in need of good writers.
The Plan is not a show, it's a movie. And it's already made. Jane is running Caprica, which leaves no room for working for another show.

I just hope this leaves her to someday creating her own show. I still weep over the missed opportunity that was Utopia, which nobody picked up. Maybe someday...

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