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July 21 2009

Dark Horse's Buffy Gelaskins for your iPhone. What will they think of next?

oh i wish they offered these for more varieties of phones. Hopefully they'll make a buffy one for laptops though. However, I am tempted by the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster one though.
And Hellboy and the Umbrella Academy? Suddenly I want an iPhone.
Buffy comics for the iPhone would go down a treat methinks. IDW have an iPhone app from what I recall.
Heh, I read that headline and thought "That sounds like the least useful thing ever." Then I checked the link, and thought "Huh, those are pretty cute." (Though I probably wouldn't buy the Buffy ones because I'm still in the fandom closet, unfortunately.)
What exactly are these things used for ? Where are they put or what do they do?
As much as I like the Jo Chen cover, I think there are others she's done that are way superior. I wouldn't want either of those Buffy options on my iPhone. If I had one. Sigh.
These are cute! My man has some artist gelskins for his iphone. To answer your question, DaddyCat, it's basically a nice quality plastic sticker that wraps around and has holes for the ports and such.
I'd like to believe my hard shell custom sidekick case is cuter, though!:
Why are blackberry users ignored?!

Whisper, a laptop one would be awesome too!

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