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October 01 2003

(SPOILER) The WB Angel site finally gets updated for tonight's premiere with season 5 pics and new cast bios.

It's still odd to see Andy Hallet and James Marsters there in place of VK and Charisma.

The thing that baffles me is that they manage to have an almost all male cast NONE of whom does anything for me. Except Lorne, but he's, um.. green. And the girl doesn't strike my fancy either. It's shallow, but it is hard to keep up an interest in a series when there's no one to drool over.
Scruffy Wes roawwrrrr!!!
Me too with the Wesley. The prig he used to be seems like ancient history, doesn't it? He's become grr-ific.
David Boreanaz does lots for me. He's very drool worthy!!! Just don't tell my husband!!! ;)
Good god, so many pretty men... The screen on my TV just may combust. :D
Is it just me or does the little Tarzan ad look like Groo? Pro'lly just me, from watching the old Pylea eps on my loverly Season 2 DVDs.

PS Re droolworthy: I was always in lust with Spike (ever since the day Glory beat him up), but DB's been growing on me lately in a BIG way!
Good god, so many pretty men... The screen on my TV just may combust. :D

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