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July 21 2009

Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku signing at Fox booth. Friday evening after the panel Joss and Eliza will be signing autographs at the Fox booth from 6:15 to 7:00 p.m. This is your chance to get your brand-new Comic-Con Limited Edition DVD/BD signed by both producers!

While apparently this has been known since the 10th, it seems the fandom has missed it due to the fact that a search on the Comic-Con site doesn't bring it up at all. It's not listed under Comic-Con's own autographs listing. Unless of course I just missed it here -- I did a search but you know how searches go... so no hard feelings if it's deleted. ;-)

Meanwhile, I continue to try up update the master list of WHEDONesque-type events.
I was searching ebay for some cool stuff to get my friend to get autographed by Joss, Eliza, et al and I came across a really cool laser engraved Dollhouse piece that is a Comic-con exclusive! They have some other cool Joss stuff at their store, but it looks like you can only pick them up at Comic Con itself. I hope my friend can find where they're selling them. Jossverse Engravings
I am so excited! I love Comic-Con.

Never been there...but I love reading reports and seeing pics of all the cool happenings!
"Okay, Joss, 'Liza, here's the deal. We'll renew Dollhouse, but you'll have to sign lots and lots of autographs. Deal?"
I'm so happy this'll be after the panel. I feared they'd do something horrible like put it 30 minutes before the DH panel began. And then I'd have a decision, like Sophie's Choice.
Dude.. I'm so pissed that I'm stuck in NYC and can't go to Comic Con. Darn economy making me broke. Major suckage here. You guys have a blast though cuz it seems like San Diego is the place to be this week.
Reading that Tahmoh is appearing for the Halloween Comes Early Panel on Thursday does that mean he may be there for Dollhouse as well again???
I'm having some friends attending Comic-Con as well I may be able to get an autograph I have said that one of my main things to cross of my list is to get a Joss Whedon autograph so *here's hoping* I'll be able to get it :D
does that mean he may be there for Dollhouse as well again?

Guess we'll find out. We do know that, while the schedule calls for Joss and Eliza, the first Joss video released about Comic-Con plans talked about how maybe some of the cast will join if they can stand the stench of him.
This is your chance to get your brand-new Comic-Con Limited Edition DVD/BD signed by both producers!

If only we'd known that when the DVDs were for sale online. They might have shifted more than 10 copies.
Simon, If only someone had suggested they release that information earlier... sigh.
I am right in thinking that copies of the DVD will be on sale at the booth?
From the FOX store: "... a limited quantity may be available for sale each day."

Yeah, like 3 or 4 thousand. ;)

I hope there are plenty left after the con so they can be flogged on the Fox site and I can buy one. Maybe even for a substantial discount... ;)
Read the title quick and thought it said they would be "singing."
Signing is good too I guess.
Does the website still say how many are left? I can't see the counter anymore.
Do you think it is possible that there will be people at Comic-Con who do not know about Dollhouse?
Like there will be some Hmmmm, I wonder what all the excitement over at the Fox booth is all about.
There's a constant wave of excitement with surges every now and then. I think everyone expects it.
Fox person at the booth (when I picked up my Dollhouse Blu-Ray!!) told me that the tickets for the signing are handed out first thing... I think tomorrow? 9 or 10am.
How do you get them? Go to the FOX booth?

EDIT: Oh, and what time do doors open tomorrow? So I can be there right at the start and all.

[ edited by Jobo on 2009-07-23 06:53 ]
Programming starts at 10am and they usually open the doors about 9:45. Maybe as early as 9:30.
Just to let you guys know, you have to leave the Dollhouse panel early to get in line for the autographs. They close the line if it gets too big, and some people get in line just because a line is forming. This happened last year with Pushing Daisies. Signing was directly after panel, and as a result nobody actually at the panel was able to get an autograph. You can't imagine how majorly disappointing that is.

edit: if they're raffling the signing, It's extremely hard to get with over 100k people roaming the floor just taking whatever they see. Last year with the Joss signing tickets, some people grabbing em had no idea what they were taking. 0/3 of our group got selected...

[ edited by iwearthecheese on 2009-07-23 09:40 ]
How does that work, iwearthecheese? Will the information on where/when to get tickets be publicly available, or do you just kinda have to know?
Go by fox first thing today and ask. That's my plan.
From what TamaraC tweeted earlier, I think Sproing has the right plan.
A bit more information about where to go at the booth for the signing tickets: "The cute little girls in the front will have the signing tickets. Very limited supply. Go there FIRST!"
And M-cookies actual and I are in line to get into the hall. Unfortunately the hall is downstairs and we are upstairs! We can only hope that everyone else in line has never heard of Joss. Shouldn't being in line for an hour bring some reward? ;)
There is a line already which opens at 10. Anyone wanna get me a wb bag while I'm in line? Lol. I'm in a can't stop the signal brown shirt. Curly hair. :p come say hi.
Probably should have mentioned before: Whedonesque Comic-Con blog.

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