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July 21 2009

At last - The Final Reveal. At long last, the Firefly Ship Works are officially releasing the details on their years in the making, screen-accurate replica of Malcolm Reynolds' own Firefly class transport ship Serenity - aka "The Big Damn Replica."

Looks so incredibly cool, but I imagine the Big Damn Replica is likely going to have a Big Damn Price.

I'll stick with just the Dark Horse Serenity ornament for now.
Click on the picture! Whoo-hoo!
It looks soo amazing! Wa-hoo! I'm particularly jazzed about the lights. People at ComiCon please let us know how it looks all live and in person!
Okay, mom's new kidney or one of these. Decisions, decisions.
Holy god. I have never wanted something so (likely) ridiculously expensive so much.
I want it I want it I want it!! Need money need money need money!!!! Damn!

Any idea just how much this will be going for? It is a thing of beauty!!! I love it all lit up! And I love the shuttle getting ready to land!!
Let's start wagering on the price. For the one with the lights, I venture it will be just under $7,000.
Yes, but in what currency?

ETA: I'm going to guesstimate $700 - $1200 USD depending on the configuration.

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I don't care what it takes, that baby is mine! Well, at least the cheap version if it's too much.
I don't know which is more desirable, the shiny Serenity or the technologically superior Enterprise. On the one hand, Serenity is more of a people's ship - homey, well used, maybe needs to shed a few pounds of illegal cargo weight... while on the other hand, the Enterprise is all silvery clean utopian tech. But I've loved the Enterprise for 40 years! *sighs* Luckily they're both well out of my pocketbook's range so I can hold off on that difficult decision until I win the lottery. In the meantime, I'll just exercise my visiting privileges occasionally. *sniffs* :)
I am betting the $700 figure is way to low, wonder how much I can get a home loan for. SIGH
Do they have lay-away? I really want this! She is so beautiful.
The Cylon Raider is $950 with a signed plaque. I'm sure the signature adds to the price, but Serenity is bigger and is a more complex design. I'd be surprised if it's below $1000.
So shiny. I saw pictures last week with a group of friends and the whole room drooled. Start saving your pennies!
I'm betting it'll be $5,000
Very nice.

I've liked some of the Trek shows since I was 8 at the end of the `80s and discovered TNG and fell in love with the Enterprise ships too, liked the recent movie a lot, but the choice would still be clear (if I was in the market to buy either). Serenity is way cooler/prettier a ship. Be interested to see video of it with its lights on though.

I hadn't seen that 3-pack of "Keep Flyin'" lithographs/art prints/posters before, must've missed the announcement here on Whedonesque. Very cool, especially like the grenades one (and the Kaylee moment from the film is nice too). I guess they have rights to both the film and the series ? 'Cause the Wash one is from Firefly.
When the Big Damn Replica was first announced, the two tier pricing (Regular replica and deluxe edition) was under $600. Somehow, I don't think this will remain true lol. I also doubt that the $50 off coupons mailed out almost 2 years ago are being honored any longer either. My only real nitpick about the Replica itself (a true work of Art, I agree) is that Inara's Shuttle is on the port side, when in (fictional) actuality it was located on the starboard side. See The pilot episode and Jaynestown to verify this.

I'm not trying to be picky or critical: I'm just making observations of fact.
I don't understand why they haven't announced the price. What's the point? I can't believe that it hasn't been determined.

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